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Date/Time:  5/6/19 8:54 GMT

A-B Allen Bradley ControlLogix moudle 1756-CN2R/B

If you need a specific series relating, we probably have it. Please call or
email us with your request.

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1756 ControlLogix I/O Specifications

AC Digital Catalog Numbers
1756-IA8D, 1756-IA16, 1756-IA16K, 1756-IA16I, 1756-IA16IK, 1756-IA32, 1756-
IA32K, 1756-IM16I, 1756-IM16IK, 1756-IN16, 1756-OA8, 1756-OA8D, 1756-OA8E,
1756-OA16, 1756-OA16K, 1756-OA16I, 1756-OA16IK, 1756-ON8

DC Digital Catalog Numbers
1756-IB16, 1756-IB16K, 1756-IB16D, 1756-IB16DK, 1756-IB16I, 1756-IB16IK,
1756-IB16IF, 1756-IB16IFK, 1756-IB16ISOE, 1756-IB16ISOEK, 1756-IB32, 1756-
IB32K, 1756-IC16, 1756-IG16, 1756-IH16I, 1756-IH16ISOE, 1756-IV16, 1756-
IV16K, 1756-IV32, 1756-IV32K, 1756-OB8, 1756-OB8EI, 1756-OB8I, 1756-OB16D,
1756-OB16DK, 1756-OB16E, 1756-OB16EK, 1756-OB16I, 1756-OB16IEF, 1756-
OB16IEFK, 1756-OB16IEFS, 1756-OB16IS, 1756-OB32, 1756-OB32K, 1756-OC8, 1756-
OG16, 1756-OH8I, 1756-OV16E, 1756-OV32E

Contact Catalog Numbers

Analog Catalog Numbers
1756-IF6CIS, 1756-IF6I, 1756-IF8, 1756-IF8K, 1756-IF8I, 1756-IF8IK, 1756-
IF16, 1756-IF16K, 1756-IF4FXOF2F, 1756-IF4FXOF2FK, 1756-IR6I, 1756-IRT8I,
1756-IRT8IK, 1756-IR12, 1756-IR12K, 1756-IT6I, 1756-IT6I2, 1756-IT16, 1756-
IT16K, 1756-OF4, 1756-OF4K, 1756-OF6CI, 1756-OF6VI, 1756-OF8, 1756-OF8K,
1756-OF8I, 1756-OF8IK

HART Interface Catalog Numbers
1756-IF8H, 1756-IF8HK, 1756-IF8IH, 1756-IF8IHK, 1756-IF16H, 1756-IF16HK,
1756-IF16IH, 1756-IF16IHK, 1756-OF8H, 1756-OF8HK, 1756-OF8IH, 1756-OF8IHK

Specialty Catalog Numbers
1756-CFM, 1756-CMS1B1, 1756-CMS1C1, 1756-HSC, 1756-LSC8XIB8I, 1756-

A-B Allen Bradley ControlLogix moudle 1756-CN2R/B
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