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Contact: Maggie huang
Company: HZH Marine Group Co.,Ltd.
Head office: No.268 Maogang Road Huangpu Guangzhou
Guangdong 510000
Phone: 86 13360560504
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Date/Time:  7/22/19 3:42 GMT

A600V Intrinsic safety marine radio

A600V Intrinsic safety marine radio
Ocean one Walkie Talkie
Marine Walkie Talkie
Intrinsically safe radio,Marine radio,Marine handheld radio
II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb Explosion levels
EU ATEX intrinsically safe certification
Passed CE, FCC, RoHS certification
Float & IP68 waterproof rating
Marine handheld radio
VHF 156-163.425MHz
A600V Intrinsic safety radio  complies with GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive environment
Part 1: General requirements for equipment" and GB3836.4-2010 "Explosive
environment Part 4: Intrinsically safe "i" protected equipment" standard, through
ATEX II 2G Ex Ib IIB T4 is intrinsically safe and meets the requirements of
explosion-proof environment. It is suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2, T1-T4 explosive
gas mixture sites containing IIA-IIB.
T1(450℃) Methane, toluene, methyl
ester,Ethane, propane,
acetone,Acrylic, benzene,
styrene,Carbon monoxide,
ethyl acetate,Acetic acid,
acetate,ammonia Propylene,
propylene Clear,
dimethyl ether,
Hydrogen cyanide,
City gas Hydrogen,
water gas
T2(300℃) Methanol, ethanol,
Propyl alcohol, propylene,
butanol,Butane, butyl
acetate,Amyl acetate,
cyclopentane Butadiene, ring
B Ene, furan Acetylene
T3(200℃) Pentane, pentanol, hexane,
Hexanol, heptane, octane,
Ethanol, turpentine,
Naphtha, petroleum
(including steam Oil),
fuel oil,Pentanol
tetrachloromethane Dimethyl ether,
propylene Aldehyde,
hydrogen sulfide
T4(135℃) Acetaldehyde,
trimethylamine Dibutyl ether, two
Ether, ethyl methyl,
Tetrafluoroethylene Carbon disulfide
T5(100℃) Ethyl nitrate
T6(85℃) Ethyl nitrite
A600V is a waterproof and Intrinsic safety radio.The A600V can be floated when
fell into water and waterproof to IP68,can be more than 1 meter depth in water for
1 hour.
Intrinsic safety marine radio adopts a new optimized intrinsic safety design. The
battery adopts dual output current limiting protection and short circuit
protection. The whole structure design is compact and reliable,with safe and
reliable intrinsic safety performance, and is the ideal professional
communication transceiver in hazardous gas working environment.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

A600V Intrinsic safety marine radio
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