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Contact: chiang le
Company: Henan General Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
57# Huayuan North Road
zhenzhou 450000
Phone: +8613608692896
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Date/Time:  8/19/18 13:59 GMT


IH530EN 3BSE001248R1 IH530EN Universal (Operator) Keyboard
IH532EN 3BSE018795R1 Universal Keyboard - USB
IH540DE 3BSE003210R1 Universal Keyboard - Membrane, German
IH540EN 3BSE001252R1 IH540EN Universal (Operator) Membrane Keyboard
IH570 3BSE001253R1 IH570 Annunciator Keyboard - 3BSE001253R1
IH580 3BSC640001R1 IH580 3-Button Trackball
IIADP01 Annunciator Display Panel
IIADP02 Annunciator Display Panel
IIEDI01 Interface Module
IIMCL01 Multibus Communication Link Termination
IIMCP01 Multibus Communications Processor
IIMCP02 Multibus Communication Module, SCSI
IIMKM01 Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMKM01A Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMKM02 Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMKM02A Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMLM01 Multibus Loop Module
IIMPM01 Multibus Processor Module
IIMPM02 Console Module
IIMRM02 Multibus Reset Module
IIMSM01 Multibus Serial I/O Module
IISAC01 Analog Control Station
IMAMM03 Analog Master Module
IMAOM01 Analog Output Module
IMASI02 Analog Input Module
IMASI03 Analog Input Slave Module
IMASI13 Analog Input Module
IMASI23 Analog Input Module
IMASM01 Analog Input Slave Module
IMASM03 Analog Slave Module
IMASO01 Analog Output Slave Module
IMASO11 Analog Output Slave Module
IMBLK01 Blank Module Assembly
IMCIS02 Control I/O Slave Module
IMCIS12 Control I/O Slave Module
IMCIS22 Control I/O Slave Module
IMCOM03 Enhanced Controller Module
IMCOM04 Advanced Controller Module
IMCPM01 Configuration Port Module
IMCPM02 Communication Port Module
IMDSI02 Digital Input Slave
IMDSI12 Universal Digital Input Slave Module
IMDSI13 Digital Input Slave Module
IMDSI14 48 VDC Digital Input Module
IMDSI15 Digital Input Module
IMDSI22 Digital Input Module
IMDSM04 Pulse Input Slave Module
IMDSM05 Digital I/O Module
IMDSO01 Digital Slave Output Module
IMDSO02 Digital Output Module
IMDSO03 Digital Output Module
IMDSO04 Digital Output Slave
IMDSO14 Digital Output Slave
IMDSO15 Digital Output Module
IMFAI01 Isolated Analog Input Module
IMFBS01 Field Bus Slave
IMFCS01 Frequency Counter Slave Module
IMFEC11 Field Equipment Communication (Analog Input)
IMFEC12 Analog Input Module
IMHSS02 Hydraulic Servo Module
IMHSS03 Hydraulic Servo Module
IMMFC04 Multifunction Controller
IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller
IMMFP01 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP02 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP03 Multifunction Processor Module
IMMFP03B Multifunction Processor - 8 MB
IMMFP11 Multifunction Processor Module
IMMFP12 IMMFP12R Multifunction Processor Module
IMMPI01 Multi-Function Processor Interface
IMMPI02 Multi-Function Processor Interface
IMPCC01 IMPCC01 Programmable Controller Coupler
IMQRS22 Quick Response I/O Module
IMRIO02 Remote I/O Slave Module
IMSET01 Sequence of Event Time Keeper Module
IMSPM01 Serial Port Module
INBIM02 Bus Interface Module
INBTM01 Bus Transfer Module
INDDM01 6640930A1 Disk Drive Module
INICT01 INFI-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT03 Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT03A Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT12 Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT13A Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INIIT01 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module
INIIT02 Infi-Net to Infi-Net Remote Transfer Module
INIIT03 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module
INIIT12 Infi-Net to Infi-Net Transfer Module
INIPT01 Infi-Net to Plant Loop Local Transfer Module
INIPT02 Plant Loop Remote Transfer Module
INKTM01 INKTM01 Module
INLIM03 Loop Interface Module
INNIS01 Network Interface Slave Module
INNIS11 Network Interface Slave Module
INNIS21 Network Interface Slave Module
INNPM01 Network Processor Module
INNPM11 Network Processor Module
INNPM12 Network Processor Module
INNPM22 Network Processor Module
INNTP01 INNTP01 Module
INPCT01 Plant Loop to Computer Transfer Module
INSEM01 Sequence of Events Master
INSIM01 Serial Interface Module
INTKM01 Time Keeper Master Module
IOC-01 E-31021 I/O BOARD
IOP-05 E32767 Purging Control Board
IOS-01 E31701 Remote I/O Module
IPBLC01 Harmony Power Module
IPBLK01 Power System Blank Face Plate
IPCHS01 Power Module Chasis
IPCHS02 Power Chassis
IPECB11 Power Entry Circuit Breaker
IPFAN11 Fan Assembly
IPFLD01 Field Power Module
IPFLD24 Field Power Module - 24 Vdc
IPFLD48 Field Power Module - 48 VDC
IPMON01 Power Montior Module
IPSYS01 System Power Module
ITCTU03 ITCTU03 Termination Unit
ITCTU04 ITCTU04 Termination Unit
ITCTU11 ITCTU11 Termination Unit
KT 5191a HEIA 100323 R1 KT 5191a Module
KT 7386a HEIE 210050 R1 KT 7386a Module
KT 8991a HESG 446869 R1 KT 8991a Module
LD800HSE 3BDH000320R02 LD 800HSE Linking Device
LL 01 H&B Contronic LL 01 Module
LL 02 H&B Contronic LL 02 Module
LPS01 LVDT Position Module - ETSI
LR370A-E GJR2242000R0001 ABB Procontrol P13 Module
LT 370c GJR2 336500 R1 LT 370c Module
LT 371a GJR2 240200 R1 LT 371a Module
LT 9673a HESG 446076 R1 LT 9673a Module
LZ 01 H&B Contronic LZ 01 Module
LZ 02 H&B Contronic LZ 02 Module
MA 01 H&B Contronic MA 01 Module
MA 02 H&B Contronic MA 02 Module
MA 12 H&B Contronic MA 12 Module
MAI32MAD Analog Input Module - 32 channel
MB 11 H&B Contronic MB 11 (MB11) Module
MB 12 H&B Contronic MB 12 Module
MB 21 H&B Contronic MB 21 Module
MDI64BNS 64 Channel Digital Input Module, 24Vdc
MM 21 H&B Contronic MM 21 Module
MR 01 H&B Contronic HH 01 Module
MS 01 H&B Contronic MS 01 Module
MT 01 H&B Contronic MT 01 Module
MV 01 H&B Contronic MV 01 Module
MV 03 H&B Contronic MV 03 Module
MZ 01 H&B Contronic MZ 01 Module
MZ 03 H&B Contronic MZ 03 Module
NAMM02 Analog Master Module
NAMM03 Analog Master Module
NAOM01 Analog Output Module
NASI02 Analog Input Module
NASM01 Analog Input Module
NASM02 Analog Slave Module
NASM03 Analog Slave Module
NBIM01 Bus Interface Module
NBIM02 Bus Interface Module
NBTM01 Bus Transfer Module
NCIS01 Control I/O Module
NCIS02 Control I/O Module
NCOM02 Enhanced Controller Module
NCOM03 Enhanced Controller Module
NCOM04 Advanced Controller Module
NCTM01 Configuration & Tuning Module
NDCO-03-KIT Communication Card Field Option Kit
NDCS03 Digital Control Station
NDIS01 Digital Indicator Station
NDLS02 Logic Module Digital Station MA
NDSI02 Net 90 Digital Input Module
NDSM03 Digital Input Module
NDSM04 Digital Slave Module
NDSM05 Digital Logic Station Interface Module
NDSO01 Digital Output Module
NFAN01 Network 90 Fan Assembly
NFTP01 Field Termination Panel
NGCM02 Gateway Communication Module
NHSS01 Hydraulic Servo Module
NIAI01 Analog Input Termination Module, High Level
NIAI02 Analog Input Termination Module
NIAI04 Analog Input Termination Module
NIAI05 Analog Input Termination Module - High Density
NIAO01 Analog Output Termination Module
NICL01 Communication Link Termination
NICS01 Control I/O Termination Module
NIDI01 Digital I/O Termination Module
NIMF01 Multi-Function Controller Termination Module
NIMF02 Multi-Function Controller Termination Module
NIMP01 Multi-Function Processor Termination Module
NIMP02 Multi-Function Processor Termination Module
NIOP02 Network 90 I/O Power Panel
NIOX01 I/O Expander Module
NIPL01 Plant Loop Termination Module
NIRL03 Remote Link Termination Module
NKAS01-9 Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS11-15 Analog Slave Termination Unit Cable - 15 foot
NKLS01-10 Communications Cable
NKLS01-5 Loop Interface Cable
NKLS02-10 Infi-Net Interface Cable - 10 feet
NKLS11-10 Infi-net Interface Cable -10 feet
NKLS11-11 Infi-net Interface Cable - 11 feet
NKLS11-12 Infi-net Interface Cable - 12 feet

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

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