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QHPI102 YL765001-AC/1 ASEA Module
RAIO-01 RAIO-01 Analog I/O Extension Module
RB510 3BSE003527R1 RB510 Dummy Module, Full Height
RB520 3BSE003528R1 RB520 Filler Module for Carrier Card Slots
RB530 3BSE003529R1 RB530 Dummy Module, Half Height
RB540 3BSE004693R1 RB540 Dummy Module, Half Height Double Width
RC610 3BHT100018R1 RC610 Rack
RC620 3BSE003097R1 Cardfile Fan Assembly
RF185 3BSE004382R1 AC410 Cardfile
RF523 3BSE006802R1 RF523 Subrack 18SU Including Backplane
RF615 3BHT100010R1 RF615 Card Rack
RK 01 H&B Contronic RK 01 Module
RL 01 H&B Contronic RL 01 Module
RLY-100 PHBRLY10000000 Auxiliary Relay Module - Harmony Block I/O
RMG 19 H&B Contronic RMG 19 Module
RPBA-01 Profibus Adapter
RX506 3BUC910018R1 RX506 T-Box Mounting Bracker
SA 811F 3BDH000013R1 SA811F Power Supply
SA167 3BSE003390R1 Power Supply Unit
SA168 3BSE003389R1 Power Supply Unit - 230 Vac
SA610 3BHT300019R1 SA 610 Power Supply
SB522 3BSC760009R1 ABB AC410 Battery Pack
SBUP05 Flash EPROM Memory Unit
SC510 3BSE003832R1 SC510 Submodule Carrier
SC540 3BSE006096R1 SC540 Submodule Carrier incl. local CPU
SC610 3BSE001552R1 SC610 Sub-Carrier Module
SD180 SMPS250 24110.151 SD 180 Power Supply - AS Eltek SMPS250
SD184 SMPS250 241110.066 SD 184 Power Supply Module - AS Eltek SMPS250
SD821 3BSC610037R1 SD821 Power Supply Device
SD822 3BSC610038R1 Power Supply Module
SL 11 H&B Contronic SL 11 (SL11) Module
SL 12 H&B Contronic SL 12 Module
SL 13 H&B Contronic SL 13 (SL13) Module
SR511 3BSE000863R0001 SR511 Redundant 5V Regulator
SS822 3BSC610042R1 SS822 Power Voting Unit
STC2AE Cartridge
STC2BE Cartridge
STT02E Hand Held Smart Transmitter Terminal
SX557 3BUR000698R1 SX557 Distribution Unit DC24V
SX558 3BUR000699R1 SX558 Power Distribution Unit
TAI16AEA 16 Channel Analog Input Termination Card
TAI16AIL 16 Channel Line Monitored Analog Input Term.
TAS01 Turbine Auto Sync Module
TB805 3BSE008534R1 TB805 Bus Outlet
TB806 3BSE008536R1 TB806 Bus Inlet
TB807 3BSE008538R1 TB807 Modulebus Terminator
TB810 3BSE008560R1 Modulebus Optical Port
TB815 3BSE013204R1 TB815 Interconnection Unit
TB820 3BSE008555R1 Modulebus Optical Modem
TB820V2 3BSE013208R1 Modulebus Optical Modem
TB850 3BSC950193R1 CEX-Bus Terminatior
TC501V150 3BSC550038R3 TC501V150 Termination unit, 150 Ohm
TC505K03 3BSE009616R1 TC505K03 Connection Kit
TC512 3BSE00638R1 Twisted Pair Modem
TC513 3BSE006385R1 AF100 Twisted Pair Coax Modem
TC516 3BSE012632R1 RS485 Twisted Pair Modem
TC520 3BSE001449R1 System Status Collector
TC530 3BUR000101R1 T-Box for MOD 300 DCN
TET 106 11355-0-3035100 Isolated Amplifier Module
TET 106-EX.D 11356-0-3354500 Isolating Amplifier Module
TEU 315-EX.B P.11336-0-3224000 Temperature Module
TEU 320 H&B Contronic TEU 320 Module
TEU 325-EX.B 11346-0-3224000 Temperature Module
TEU 411 H&B Contrans T TEU 411 Module
TEU 421 H&B Contrans T TEU 421 Module
TEU310 H&B Contronic TEU310 Module
TK456V027 TK456V027 Cable
TK510 3BUR000118R3 DCN Cable Assembly 3m, 10 ft
TK513 3BSC950030R1 T-Box Cable
TK515 3BSE003785R1 TK515 Cable Assembly
TK527V030 3BSC950004R1 S800 Interface Cable
TK801V003 3BSC950089R1 TK801V003 Modulebus Extension Cable
TK801V006 3BSC950089R2 TK801V006 Modulebus Extension Cable
TK811V050 3BSC950107R2 TK811V050 POF Cable, 5m, Duplex
TKX516V003 3BSC950158R1 TKX516V003 RTA Conversion Cable
TKX525V030 3BSC950251R1 Cable Assembly - T-Box to DCN Interface
TPM01 Thrust Position Module
TU810 3BSE008524R1 TU810 Compact Module Termination Unit, MTU
TU810V1 3BSE013230R1 TU810V1 Compact Module Termination Unit, MTU
TU811 3BSE008526R1 TU811 Compact Module Termination Unit
TU811V1 3BSE013231R1 Compact Module Termination Unit
TU814V1 3BSE013233R1 TU814V1 Compact Module Termination Unit
TU830V1 3BSE013234R1 TU830V1 Extended Module Termination Unit
TU831 3BSE008530R1 Extended Module Termination Unit
TU831V1 3BSE013235R1 Exteneded Module Termination Unit
TU835V1 3BSE013236R1 TU835V1 Extended Module Termination Unit, MTU, 50V
TU837V1 3BSE013238R1 TU837V1 Extended Module Termination Unit
TU838 3BSE008572R1 TU838 Extended Module Termination Unit
TU839 3BSE046966R1 TU839 Extended Module Termination Unit
TU847 3BSE022462R1 Module Termination Unit
TU890 3BSC690075R1 TU890 Module Termination Unit
TZF12 TZF12 Module
TZIF 3 H&B Contronic TZIF 3 Module
TZN 124-EX Supply Unit
UA 380a-E HEIE 421392 R1 UA 380a-E Module
UA379A-E HSEG332084R0001 ABB Procontrol P13 Module
UN 0901c-P HIER 456040 R1 UN 0901c-P VAR.1 UNITROL M Module
UN 0905b-P HEIR 449705 R1 UN 0905b-P VAR.1 Module
UN 0906b-P HIER 448845 R1 UN 0906b-P VAR.1 Module
UN 0908a-P HEIR 319306 R1 UN 0908a-P VAR.1 Module
UN 0911b-P HEIR 448648 R1 UN 0911b-P VAR.1 Module
UN 0940a-P HEIR 444414 R1 UN 0940a-P VAR.1 Module
UN 0941c-P HIER 449641 R1 UN 0941c-P VAR.1 Module
UN 0950a-P HEIR 445976 R1 UN 0950a-P VAR.1 Module
USART86-8CH Control Card - 8 Channel
USART86-INT Communication Interface Module
UT 372 GKWN000070 R1 UT 372 Module
UT 372c GKWN000070R1, UT 372c-sR1 UT 372c-sR1 Module
UV5627B-E HEIE420007R0001 Vibration Monitor Unit Analyzer
VV 01 H&B Contronic VV 01 Module
VV 11 H&B Contronic VV 11 (VV11) Module
XB 01 H&B Contronic XB 01 (XB01) Module
XK 11 H&B Contronic XK 11 Module
XK 12 H&B Contronic XK 12 (XK12) Module
XM 02 H&B Contronic XM 02 (XM02) Module
XM 03 H&B Contronic XM 03 (XM03) Module
XM06B5 1SBP260103R1001 XM06B5-H11.0 Extension Module - Analog I/O
XN 03 H&B Contronic XN 03 (XN03) Module
XN 05 H&B Contronic XN 05 (XN05) Module
XO08R1 1SBP260101R1001 Extension Module - 8 Relay Outputs
XP 01 H&B Contronic XP 01 Module
XT 375a-E HEIE 420142 R1 XT 375a-E Module
XT 377 e-E HESG 446624R1 XT 377 e-E Module
XT-376a HEIE 420158 R1 XT-376a Module
XT-382b GKWE 001450 R9 XT-382b Module
XU 02 H&B Contronic XU 02 Module
XU 04 H&B Contronic XU 04 (XU04) Module
XV 77135 HESG 223040 R1 XV 77135 Module
XV 7715b HESG 446108 R1 XV 7715b Module
XV 7717b HESG 446144 R1 XV 7717b Module
XV 7718b HESG 446139 R1 XV 7718b Module
XV7713b ProControl Unit
XV7717C HESG447027R0001 Procontol Module
XX 02 H&B Contronic XX 02 Module
YM110001-SP PFVI101 Power Supply
YTE 102A YT213001-AA/2 YTE102A Servo Power Module
YTEA 250-15 YT212001-AF/2 Servo Power Module
YTEA 250-8 YT212001-AE/1 Servo Power Module
YYE 109A YT212001-AB/4 Power Supply Module
YYT 102C YT212001-AK/5 Servo Control Module
YYT 102M YT212001-AU/1 Servo Control Module
YYT 102N YT212001-AX/2 Servo Control Module
YYT 107A YT212002-AD/4 Rectifier Module
ZT 372a-E GJR2 237800 R1 ZT 372a-E Module

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

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