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Contact: Mike Wong
Company: Shandong Dolphinmed Technology Co., Ltd.
Room209-210,Lyshine Plaza,Shijingshan Zhongguagncun Technology Park
beijing 100043
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Date/Time:  10/10/19 7:25 GMT


China Medical Anesthesia, Anesthesia Workstation, Anesthesia Gas Machine
Suitable for a range of anesthesia at adult,pediatric
Comprehensive Safety&Alarm system,make sure the operation accuracy and stability
8 inch TFT display with touch screen,shuttle knob design, quick and efficient
Powerful ventilation mode meet all complex clinical requirement
Three levels alarm system, visual and sound alarm information.
The core components are imported from top international and original, and the
industrial control chip is chosen
High precious sensor and valve technology make sure the pressure ,flow and volume
monitor and control at high safety, stability and precision
Built-in backup battery provide the emergency power supply to the unit.

Display:8 " TFT, with touch screen.
Driving gas:O2 or Air,Inlet pressure,280-600 kPa.Max flow ≤ 120 L / min.
Loop , :PV loop, PF loop,FV loop
Safety Pressure:Does not exceed 6 KPa.
Battery Type:Li-ion,work time more than 2 hours
Parameter Setting Range:
Tidal Volume:Range: 20 - 1500ml;
Respiratory rate::1~100 bpm;
Inspiratory time:0.1 ~ 10.0 s;
Respiratory ratio: 9.9:1 to 1:9.9;
Percentage of inspiratory pause:0 to 50%;
PEEP:OFF, 3 ~ 20 cmH2O
Pressure Support:0 ~ 60 cmH2O
Pressure Control:5 ~ 60 cmH2O
Flow trigger: 0.5 ~ 20L/min
Pressure Trigger: -1 ~ -20 cmH2O
PSV Insp Termination Level:25%
Monitoring Parameter
Inspiratory tidal volume,Expiratory tidal volume,Minute ventilation,Spontaneous
minute ventilation,Respiratory rate,Spontaneous breathing frequency,Respiratory
ratio,Peak airway pressure,Mean airway pressure,PEEP,Inspiratory plateau
Alarm Setting:
Tidal volume:High/Low;Minute ventilation:High/Low;Respiratory rate:High/Low;
FiO2(optional):High/Low;Airway pressure:High/Low ;FiCO2 (optional):High/Low

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure:Greater than (PEEP +15) cmH2O,
15 s sustained when an alarm is triggered.
Negative pressure alarm:Airway pressure is less than (-10) cmH 2 O.
Apnea alarm:Setting time is 10 ~ 60 s
Gas deficiency alarm:less than 280 kPa.
AC power failure alarm:The mains breaks down or the power cord disconnects
Low battery alarm: Time is 20 min.
Alarm battery is exhausted: time is 10 min.
Silent Alarm:≤ 120 s
O2 sensor failure:FIO2 <15% Vol;
Dolphinmed is one professonal producer of ICU ventilator, anesthesia machine,
medical air compressor, anesthesia vaporizer, anesthesia ventialtor, veterinary
anesthesia machine, etc. Dolphinmed are committed to provide the more perfect
products and service for clients, to be the most valued medical equipment
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