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Contact: Alina
Company: Guangzhou Xuanyu Electronic Amusement Co.,Ltd
No.76, Yingxin building, Donghuan Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou 511400
Phone: 0086-18529137879
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Date/Time:  12/1/16 6:31 GMT

arcade video games play online shooting gun games machine

XY-SS005 55 inch The House Of the Dead 4
Power: 500W
Size: L195*W152*H220cm
Weight: 300kg
Display Size: 55"

1.Created by SEGA,
2.The House of The Dead has a history of over 15 years, it’s one of the most
popular gun shooting machines in the arcade game market.
3.The House of Dead 4 was created with SEGA’s Lindbergh board, alone with new
Uzi submachine gun imitation; it really looks cool and exciting.
4.Compared with former generation, the 4th game machine’s image is clearer and
has more details; you can even see the guts, bones and rough skin of the
disgusting zombies, which is an stimulation to players.
5.The number of zombies gets much more, but the game play is more fluent.
6.Besides, SEGA use new imitation gun: Uzi submachine gun.
7. The weight, the jet power is more like a real gun.
8.Player don’t need to move the gun out of the screen to reload, instead, they
just need to shake the gun, so it can save time.
9.To add realism player's reload the shotgun like a real shot gun.
10.There is a great deal of replay value in the game as players can choose
multiple pathways to destination and interact with the scenery by shooting
explosive barrels and other background items.
11.The game also employs the skill shot system, where a cut scene will play and
the player must save an innocent or their partner from dangers.
Play Instruction
1.Insert coin to start the game;
2.Choose the playing course;
3.Hold your gun to wipe out the enemy;
4.It has 5 chapters, when finished one, then get chance to play another;When
you complete the 5 stages, you're the winner!!
5.Reloading:If you run out of ammo, shake your gun to reload! (Shake to reload)
6.Gun Shaking:If an enemy grads you or picks you up, shake your gun to try and
escape! (Shake your gun)
7.Life bonus:Your life points will increase if you successfully save a
character surrounded by enemies

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

arcade video games play online shooting gun games machine
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