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Enjoy making delicious and lovely food, we all need professional bakery
machine such as combi oven, convection oven, pizza oven and so on. Choosing
suitable machine is the key to make tasty bread snack. Furnotel bakery
machine could be also provide machine making good quality materials dough. A
new choice may bring amazing effect. Please let us know your target

Maintenance Method of Daily Baking Equipment

In addition to the service of a bakery, the delicious products, and the
baking equipment can't be ignored. Without hardware support, a bakery can't
even supply the product, so the daily maintenance of the baking equipment is
important. Let's talk about the maintenance of the bread baking equipment

The Maintenance method of daily baking equipment in baker.

The maintenance of bakery equipment in bakery shop is one of the usual
rituals. It mainly checks the outer part of the equipment, including
cleaning, screw looseness and other simple inspection, and also completes the
shift record.

The deep maintenance methods include the first, second and third level

First level maintenance

First level maintenance: it is based on the operating personnel, the
maintenance staff is supplemented, conducting a regular inspection of the
baking equipment and going deep inside the equipment. The main part is the
partial demolition of the oven, check the part structure, adjust the
clearance between the bearing and transmission parts, remove the foreign
body, and replace the broken parts. It is also necessary to check the
performance of the heater, clean the motor and adjust the electrical device.
This is usually done once a month.

Second level maintenance

In this area, the maintenance staff is mainly engaged, the operators are
auxiliary, and the baking equipment is inspected thoroughly. And some worn
parts are replaced and repaired. The second level maintenance consists of all
the items of primary maintenance, removing the furnace, cleaning the furnace,
replacing the insulation materials and so on. Check all transmission
mechanisms, clean and replace oil, replace local or all furnace belts, clean
out stains around the surface of the oven, etc. This is usually maintained
for half a year or a year.

Third level maintenance

The operator factor is more important because if we want to maximize the
performance of the baking equipment, all the operators must have a good
command of the device's performance, structure and maintenance technology.

A bread baking shop wants to run for a long time, and the baking equipment
must be kept in the best condition, because it can provide consumers with
delicious baked products continuously.
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