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Contact: Claire Wang
Company: Moore Automation Limited
GuoMao building,Hubin South Road,Siming District
Xiamen 361009
Phone: +8618150117685
Fax: +86-592-5165561
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Date/Time:  9/26/19 3:43 GMT

Bently Nevada 330105-02-12-05-02-05 new+ warranty

Bently Nevada 330105-02-12-05-02-05 new+ warranty

>>Contact :Claire
&g , t;>Tel:+86-18150117685
>>Skype/wechat: , 1815011768

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Rockwell ProSoft Module
ABB DCS.AC800F/AC800M robot spare parts
KUKA robot spare parts
Rockwell ICS Triplex trusted System
WOODWA Woodward RD9907-164/9907-162/9907-165, 9907-167
GE gas turbine spare parts IS200 DS200 IS215 DS215 DEH control card steam turbine spare parts
Yokogawa CS3000 Series CP451-10 AAI543 AAI143 AAR145 CP345
Bentley Nevada 3500 Monitoring System Card / Front End / Sensor
Emerson DeltaV Series CSI 6500/Philips/epro Monitoring Card/Frontizer/Sensor

330103-00-05-50-0 , 2-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-06-05-01-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-06-05-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-06-05-02-05 Proximitor System
330103-00-06-10-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-06-10-02-05 Proximitor System
330103-00-07-10-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-07-90-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-08-05-02-05 Proximitor System
330103-00-08-10-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-08-10-02-CN Proximitor System
330103-00-09-05-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-09-10-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-09-10-02-CN Proximitor System
330103-00-10-05-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-10-05-02-05 Proximitor System
330103-00-10-10-01-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-10-10-01-CN Proximitor System
330103-00-10-10-01-05 Proximitor System
330103-00-10-10-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-10-10-02-CN Proximitor System
330103-00-11-05-02-00 Proximitor System
330103-00-11-05-02-05 Proximitor System
330103-00-11-10-02-00 Proximitor System
Siemens 6ES733-7SF00-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7153-2BA02-0XB0
Siemens 6ES7314-1AG13-0AB0
Siemens 6ES7365-0BA01-0AA0
Siemens 6DD2920-0AN1
Siemens 6DD2920-0AK0
Siemens 6DD1645-0AD0
Siemens 6DD2920-0XC02
Siemens 6DD1601-0AE0
Siemens 6DD1640-0AD0
Siemens 505-4532
Siemens 16182-1-3
Siemens 16413-1-3
Siemens 6DD1606-4AB0
Siemens 133819-01
Siemens 6sc6110-0ga01
Siemens 6DR2400-5
6ES7407-0RA02-0AA0,6ES7 407-0KR02-0AA0
6ES7 417-4HT14-0AB0,6ES7 417-4HL04-0AB0
6ES7412-2XG04-0AB0,6ES7 412-2XJ05-0AB0
CPU416,6ES7 416-3XR05-0AB0,6ES7416-3XR05-0AB0
6DD2920-3AW2, , 6DD2 920-3AW2
CPU315T-2DP,6ES7 315-6TH13-0AB0,6ES7315-6TH13-0AB0
CPU412,6ES7 412-2XJ05-0AB0,6ES7412-2XJ05-0AB0
TP1500,6AV6 647-0AG11-3AX0,6AV6647-0AG11-3AX0
CPU412,6ES7 412-2XK07-0AB0,6ES7412-2XK07-0AB0
CPU414-2DP,6E , S7414-2XK05-0AB0,6ES7 414-2XK05-0AB0
CPU412,6ES7 412-2XJ05-0AB0,6ES7412-2XJ05-0AB0
6AV2 124-1MC01-0AX0,6AV2124-1MC01-0AX0
KTP1200,6AV2 124-1MC01-0AX0,6AV2124-1MC01-0AX0
Emerson 3051S2TG3A2B11X5AWA3WK1B4I7Q4Q8
Emerson 3051S1CD2A2A12A1BB1M504-0304
Allen Bradley 20G11NC030JA0NNNNN
Rosemount 3051TG3A2B31BE7M5Q4S5A8044
Allen-Bradley 2711-K10C8
Allen Bradley 2711-T9A1X
Emerson 3051S1CD2A7A11A1BE7L2P1Q4QT-0305
Emerson 3051S1CD2A2A11A2FE7M8Q4-0305
Rosemount 3051CD1A02A1BH2B3E7L4DF
Emerson 3051CD3A22A1KM6DOI7L4S4Q4A0259
Rosemount 3051CD3A06B1BB3DFE7H4
Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D1
Allen Bradley 1336T-GT1-SP51A
Siemens 6AV6 545-0BB15-2AX0
Toshiba VFAS1-4185PL-WN1
Allen Bradley 2098-DSD-HV100-SE
Siemens 6ES5 946-3UA21
Allen Bradley 1769-L30ERM
Siemens 6RA2431-6DS22-0
Drager Polytron 8000 EC d A 4-20/HART
Atlas Copco 1900 0710 12
Siemens 6AV6 542-0BB15-2AX0
Allen Bradley 1747-L543
Moxa SFP-1G40BLC
Okuma BDU-50A
Honeywell STD810-E1HS4AS-1-D-AD0-11S-A-50A6-00-0000
Sieme , ns 6ES5 242-1AA32
Siemens 6AV7861-2TB00-1AA0
Eaton XTCE750N
Allen Bradley 2711-K10G10
Fischer Deltascope MP30E-S
Allen Bradley 2711-K9A1X

>>Contact :Claire
&g , t;>Tel:+86-18150117685
>>Skype/wechat: , 1815011768
Bently Nevada 330105-02-12-05-02-05 new+ warranty
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