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Contact: Trixie
Company: Cambia Automation Limited
No.83 Hubin East Road, Siming Disg
xiamen 361009
Phone: +86 13599507613
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Date/Time:  4/30/19 8:19 GMT

Bently nevada 3500 / 42M displacement / speed acceleration monitoring


Manger: Trixie
Email: Mobile: +86 13599507613
Wechat : +86 13599507613 Skype/ Whatsapp: +86 13599507613


Warranty: one year
Condition: brand new and original
Delivery time: Ship Today
Payment term: T/T

North American Hazardous Location approved

1746-IA4, 1746-IA8, 1746-IA16, 1746-IB8, 1746-IB16, 1746-IC16, 1746-IG16,
1746-IH16, 1746-IM4, 1746-IM8, 1746-IM16, 1746-IN16, 1746-ITB16, 1746-ITV16,
1746-IV8, 1746-IV16, 1746-OA8, 1746-OA16, 1746-OAP12, 1746-OB8, 1746-OB6EI,
1746-OB16, 1746-OB16E, 1746-OBP8, 1746-OBP16, 1746-OG16, 1746-OV8, 1746-
OV16, 1746-OVP16, 1746-OW4, 1746-OW8, 1746-OW16, 1746-OX8, 1746-IO4, 1746-
IO8, 1746-IO12, 1746-IO12DC.

Other brand products

Bently nevada 3500 / 22M frame interface module with TDI
Bently nevada 3500/25 key phase module
Bently nevada 3500/32 4-channel relay module
Bently nevada 3500/34 TMR Relay Module
Bently nevada 3500 / 40M Proximitor Displacement Monitor
Bently nevada 3500 / 42M displacement / speed acceleration monitoring
Bently nevada 3500 / 44M Aerodynamic Monitor
Bently nevada 3500/45 differential expansion / axial position monitor
Bently nevada 3500 / 46M Hydropower Monitor
Bently nevada 3500/50 speed module
Bently nevada 3500/53 speed detection module
Bently nevada 3500/60 and 3500/61 temperature monitors
Bently nevada 3500/62 Process Variable Monitor
Bently nevada 3500 / 64M dynamic pressure monitor
Bently nevada 3500/72M piston rod position monitor
Bently nevada 3500/77M cylinder pressure monitor
Bently nevada 3500/90 Communication Gateway
Bently nevada 3500/92 communication gateway
Bently nevada 3500/93 LCD display device
Bently nevada 3500/94 VGA display device
Bently nevada 3500/95 user interface workstation
Bently nevada Bentley vibration monitoring, mechanical protection,
bently3500 frame instrumentation system is as follows:
Bently nevada 3500/05 Rack 129766-01
Bently nevada 3500/06 Weatherproof Housing 129766-01
Bently nevada 3500/08 Diagnostics Access Panel 136275-01
Bently nevada 3500/15 Power Supply 129767-01
Bently nevada 3500/20 Rack Interface Module 129768-01
Bently nevada 3500/22M Transient Data Interface 161580-01
Bently nevada 3500/25 Keyphasor? Module 129770-01
Bently nevada 3500/32 4-Channel Relay Module 129771-01
Bently nevada 3500/33 16-Channel Relay Module 162291-01
Bently nevada 3500/34 TMR Relay Module 129771-01
Bently nevada 3500/40M Proximitor? Monitor 143488-01
Bently nevada 3500/42M Prox/Seismic Monitor 143489-01
Bently nevada 3500/44M Aeroderivative Monitor 143490-01
Bently nevada 3500/45 Position Monitor 135545-01
Bently nevada 3500/46M Hydro Monitor 144403-01

Bently nevada 3500 / 42M displacement / speed acceleration monitoring
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