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branched-chain amino acid BCAA/

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A branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) is an amino acid having aliphatic side-
chains with a branch (a central carbon atom bound to three or more carbon
atoms). Among the proteinogenic amino acids, there are three BCAAs: leucine,
isoleucine and valine.Non-proteinogenic BCAAs include norvaline and 2-
aminoisobutyric acid.

The three proteinogenic BCAAs are among the nine essential amino acids for
humans, accounting for 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins and
40% of the preformed amino acids required by mammals.

1. Help to growth lean muscle maximises
2. Help to recovey when Optimises post-workout
3. Help to maintenance of cells
4. Help to avoid muscle degeneation
5.Optimises post-workout recovey

BCAA Bodybuliding Application:

Musle Supplement--BCAA:

On the role of health supplements in fitness,We don't care before, But when we
useing a month we will be exciting because of the effect,Successful fitness
need hard exercise but also scientific diet and important nutrition supplement.

In recent years, branched-chain amino acid supplements have come back into
vogue in the bodybuilding and fitness community, and with good reason. There's
more research that supports the use of BCAAs than most other supplements on the

While BCAA supplementation may be useful for gaining mass, I believe BCAAs are
especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass while on a calorie-deficit diet.
They're particularly useful for bodybuilding competitors who take their
physiques to the lean extreme.

Although dieting down makes you look awesome onstage, on the beach, and to your
friends of the opposite sex, it can also take a chunk out of your muscle mass.
How do you defend against this three-headed monster of muscle loss? Attack all
three heads!

It's well established that branched-chain amino acids (particularly leucine)
stimulate protein synthesis, and might do so to a greater extent than a normal
protein on its own. BCAAs also increase synthesis of the cellular machinery
responsible for carrying out the process of protein synthesis. Thus, BCAAs not
only increase the rate of protein synthesis, but they also increase the cell's
capacity for protein synthesis! Yep, you read that right.

BCAAs also work in your favor by reducing the rate of protein breakdown. They
do this (primarily) by decreasing the activity of the components of the protein
breakdown pathway, and also by decreasing the expression of several complexes
involved in protein breakdown. (In this case, they decrease the amount of mRNA
produced from the gene that codes for these components.)

If we revisit our original equation for muscle mass, it's plain to see that
increasing synthesis and decreasing breakdown will equate to muscle
gain/maintenance. And that, my friends, is how we fight the Cerberus of muscle
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