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Chromatography must be performed between two phase systems. One phase is a
stationary phase and requires a support, either solid or liquid. The other phase
is the mobile phase, which is a liquid or a gas. When the mobile phase flows
through the stationary phase, the separation of the separated material between the
two phases, from equilibrium to loss of equilibrium to equilibrium, is the process
of adsorption and desorption. As the mobile phase continues to flow forward, there
is a difference in the rate of forward movement between the separated materials,
and a number of zones are gradually separated from the beginning of the single
zone. This process is called the formation. The coefficient K is the concentration
ratio of the substance in the two phases. When the value of K is large, the
adsorption in the stationary phase is strong, and the K value is small and the
adsorption is poor. When the K value between the substances is large, it is easy
to be separated. The K values ??of different types of chromatography have
different meanings and can be regarded as adsorption equilibrium constants,
distribution constants or ion exchange constants. http://www.en- , tml Tel: +86-0519-80586720 E-
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