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Contact: Saurabh Dave
Company: Nizona Corporation, Japan
Sannomiya Venture Bld. 622, Chuo-ku, Hamabe Dori 4-1-23, Kobe
Kobe 651-0083
Phone: +81 (78) 200-6147
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Collagen Mask

For moisturized and light skin; Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Q10 offer a perfect combination. Each facial
mask includes 15ml of ingredients which are directly applied over the surface of the face in order to have
the ingredients focus on this important part of the skin. This facial collagen mask is a combination of
Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid (with CoQ10). Masks contains Succinoyl Atelocollagen.
Succinoyl Atelocollagen is the product formed by the reaction of Succinic anhydride and Atelocollagen.
Atelocollagen is a highly evaluated purified soluble collagen with superior properties and functionality,
developed for three-dimensional cell culturing in various research uses including tissue engineering. The
MASK is combination of Collagen + Hyaluronic which penetrates in the skin to give a moisturized and light

Natural skincare & anti-aging
Collagen makes your skin snap back into place when you pinch your skin, pull and let it go
No artificial and synthetic ingredients, safe and gentle to skin
Collagen mask helps in anti-flecking and also improves skin wrinkles and sags
Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture
Hyaluronic acid also helps to protect the skin from UVB rays
Hyaluronic acid helps skin in healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer
It also gives protein to the skin.

Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Succinoyl Atelocollagen, Ubiquinone, Aloe
Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Carnitine, Lecithin, Algin, Carbomer, Potassium
Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Packaging: 10 mask sachets per box
Sachet dimension: L 94 × H 141 mm
Box dimension: L 97mm x D 30mm x 142 H
Per Carton =108 retail box x10 masks
Carton Dimension =L450 x W630 xH290mm
Carton Weight =Gross 14kg (apprx)
(For regulatory compliance, FDA registration, imports procedures, customs clearance)
Product Formulation sheet
Nutritional Facts
Free Sale Certificate
Certificate of Origin
Manufacturing Certificate
Please request for any other specific document that you may need
You will ideally need to appoint a customs broker or importing agent at your end who is familiar with the
importation process. As exporters, we can provide support in the required documents but we can not take
responsibility of imports into your country (or any other country. We encourage all our buyers to settle the
'documentation' process in advance (prior to production) so that there is no trouble later on.
DOCUMENTS PROCESSING:For keeping aligned regarding the documents that you will need; We are re
attaching DOCUMENTS PROCESSING REQUEST SHEET (DPRS). Please fill it and revert to us. Please note
that depending on the content of a document, some document/s can only be issued after the product has
been manufactured. Please fill up the DPRS and we will inform you about each document beforehand for
your peace of mind.

Production lead time will be 7 to 8 weeks after you confirm your order with payment. Please note for the
repeat orders - Lead time will be shortened upon submission of plan of purchase POP.


1. Succinoyl Atelocollagen
Characteristics of Atelocollagen Atelocollagen is a collagen solubilized by protease, but its physical
properties are virtually identical to those of natural, unsolubilized collagen. Furthermore, atelocollagen
additionally has superior characteristics, not found in the natural substance. Collagen is known for its very
low antigenicity (or reactivity, i.e., it causes little immune response) because most of the collagen molecule
is composed of a G-X-Y amino acid sequence that differs little even among different animal species. The
slight amount of antigenicity that is seen in collagen is thought to be due to the telopeptides attached to
each end of the collagen molecule, which do not contain the G-X-Y sequence. Since the telopeptides are
not present in atelocollagen, the antigenicity of atelocollagen is even lower than that of collagen.

More Features of Atelocollagen In addition to its low antigenicity, atelocollagen is generally obtainable with
a high degree of purity. This feature is due to the protease treatment, which when used to extract
atelocollagen breaks down other protein contaminants.

Atelocollagen can be processed into Various Configurations. Another feature of atelocollagen is that it is
soluble, so in liquid form it can be engineered into a wide array of physical shapes. By simply allowing the
solution to dry, atelocollagen films can be produced, sponge-like structure can be achieved by freeze-
drying, and string-like configurations are possible through extrusion. Atelocollagen beads, powders, and
gels are also possible.In this manner, it is possible to leverage the special properties of atelocollagen to
produce the most appropriate configuration for any application.
The Mutable Properties of Atelocollagen By chemically modifying atelocollagen, its physical properties can
be altered. For example, atelocollagen is normally insoluble in water with neutral pH, but this characteristic
can be altered to make it soluble in such an environment. It is also possible to use atelocollagen equally as
a coagulant or as an anticoagulant, and it is also possible to control the rate at which it is absorbed by the
Coenzyme Q10 Anti-aging for Your Skin
Among the Coenzyme CoQ10 health benefits, is to help in the protection of the physical state and integrity
of the mitochondrial membrane.
Coenzyme Q10 anti-aging mask, is an antioxidant, which helps, in getting rid of the dangerous free radicals
floating around in our system.
It regenerates delicate fragile skin, when there is a mitochondrial malfunction, this leads to irreparable DNA
Mutation, with results of early aging, shown on our faces, skin and other regular functions in our bodies.
It helps with skin hydration and improves the radiance.
Coenzyme CoQ10 anti-aging face mask, has as its main ingredient, this antioxidant, ... it can help fight and
reverse the skin damage and restore your collagen and elastin, maintaining the elastic fiber to present a
youthful outlook, and reduce, the appearance of sagging skin.
It helps with the regrowth, and regeneration of healthy skin, preventing appearance of wrinkle or sagging
With advancing age, the production of Coenzyme is declining, and skin being the largest organ in the
body... the energy levels also goes down, and the acceleration of the aging process.
Coenzyme Q10 skin care and eye cream, help maintain your skin strength and support the health and
hydration, in order to present a radiant, firm, and well-nourished body.

People who feel tired and want to look fresh
People who have no time for skincare
It is also recommended for skin tightening
People who spend money on various types of cosmetics. This mask has many functions and can save
People with sensitive skin often feel a burning sensation on the face, for such people this mask is
People who want to look younger
People suffering from skin ageing, wrinkle and sagging
People who want to keep skin moisturised and youthful

Minimum Order: 500 packs

Collagen Mask
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