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Composite Lightning Protection Insulator

Composite Lightning Protection Insulator

Product details:
I. With the development and distribution lines insulated line transformation of
the traditional design, since the insulation resistance line has inherent level
of mine , bear a direct role thunder or lightning , lightning break, porcelain
insulators , have already become a power bombed another face a new problem. FEG
-type lightning Insulator is a new modular structure of combo products , take
the first blockage dredge design , enhanced insulation and anti- contamination
level, suitable for overhead line insulation support, but also has to prevent
lightning overhead insulated wires break, blow up and reduction of porcelain
insulators lightning trip protection. The principle is : When the voltage
exceeds the insulation plug lightning over a certain value, the lightning rod
and steel pillars arc flashover between the legs caused by discharge , short-
circuit channel , successive frequency arc discharge gap will be combusted in
order to protect the wire from burns. This product is used insulated wire is
energized with a puncture Shihai function , without peel core insulating layer
can avoid water and corrosion, installation and construction is extremely
convenient and reliable. Since the post insulator and arc-proof fittings
combined ( equipotential ) , without ring network power supply load side (
departure from the power supply side ) effects , more so simple and beautiful
lines and greatly reduce the cost . The products are reliable , less investment
, the effect is large , for the electricity sector to prevent lightning
overhead insulated wire breakage provides a cost-effective way .

II. Specifications and Performance Parameters
Model Specification
Insulated conductor cross-section mm2
Lightning impulse withstand voltage ( peak ) KV
1min power frequency withstand voltage ( RMS ) KV

Dry Wet
Frequency arc current ( rms ) KA
Rated withstand bending load KN
Minimum nominal creepage distance mm
50 /300
50 42
FPEG-12C / 5
50 /300
50 42
Non Piercing

III. The structural characteristics
1) This product sub- piercing and non- piercing ( stripping insulation layer )
two kinds , the main by the insulation shield , clamp aluminum fittings ,
composite insulators, arc steel rod and the lower legs and other components.
2) Arc rod and clamp fittings assembled integrally connected , when lightning
occurs, the arc between the legs of steel rods and caused flashover discharge ,
the formation of short -channel , successive frequency arc moves to the arc
rods and steel feet between burning to protect the wires from burns. Stick arc
bypass due to an optimal sheds and discharge gap , discharge and prevent burn
better insulator sheds .
3) FEG-12/5 type with a puncture -type stab teeth structure , barbed teeth
removable , skinning or skinning purposes optional . Barbed teeth using higher
strength than aluminum and better electrical properties of the copper alloy ,
the surface through electrical ( infiltration ) with copper and aluminum
plating process to prevent the oxidation , so that the line can be used as
copper or aluminum . Piercing style without stripping wire insulation ,
avoiding core water and corrosion, installation and construction is extremely
convenient, can greatly reduce the operator labor intensity .
4) Using composite materials than the PS-15 insulator porcelain insulators and
other electrical insulating properties , and the creepage distance , improved
anti- insulator contamination levels , which can meet the majority of users on
the insulator contamination prevention requirements.
5) Insulation shield with silicone rubber material , has good insulation
properties , anti-aging properties and flame retardance .
6) Has been taken into account to prevent birds from overhead wires causing a
short circuit on the unique structure of harm .
7) Can tolerate about 5 times the frequency high- current arc burning .

IV. The installation method
1) Before installing the product , first check FPEG-12/5 pillars of high-
voltage line lightning rod composite insulators and conductive arc voltage
electrode assembly is securely connected into one , fastening nut of the high
voltage electrode arc guiding rod and adjust to the desired position to ensure
that the discharge gap against the direction and size.
2) Lightning Insulator clip trunking should be aligned parallel to the
direction of conductors mounted on the cross arm , tighten the nut steel legs ,
equivalent to conventional insulators installation method, the arc rod toward
the cross arm ( cross arm farthest distance ) away outside ; arc rod one
direction , preferably towards the load side .
3) Puncture -type clamp way: according to wire section and weather temperature
set torque wrench torque value :26-32Nm, alternately using a torque wrench ,
tighten the two symmetrical pressure nuts. Inspection with the naked eye , you
can see the basic thorn tooth root , and then tighten the nut prepared to
prevent the pressure nut loose . ( Trillion
4) Non- puncture -type clamp way: insulated wire peel of an approximately 65-
80mm embedded insulator clamp fittings on the compression nut with a wrench to
tighten the seat clamp wire can be driven by briquetting ; insulation shield
mounted on the clip external line fittings .

V. Conditions of Use
1, Ambient temperature : -40 °C ~ 50 °C
2, The altitude does not exceed : 1500m altitude
3, The maximum wind speed : 35m / s
4 , The earthquake intensity : 8

VI. The Reference Standard
GB/T20142-2006 nominal voltage greater than 1000V AC overhead line post
composite insulator - Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria
JB/T8177-1999 insulator layer of galvanized metal accessories General technical
GB311.1-1997 high-voltage power transmission equipment, insulation coordination
GB/T775.1/2006 insulators experimental methods General test methods - Part 1
GB/T775. 2/2003 Insulator Electrical test methods - Test methods - Part 2
GB/T775.3/2006 insulators experimental methods Mechanical test methods - Part 3
JB/T9673-1999 insulators

Minimum Order: 100 sets

Composite Lightning Protection Insulator
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