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Constant Temperature and Humidity machine

Constant Temperature and Humidity Dehumidifier is one dehumidifier with
temperature and humidity control system, which is also based on Refrigerate
Typical Function: temperature increasing and decreasing, cooling dehumidification,
heating, dehumidification, constant temperature dehumidification and

We provide the extra function of Constant Temperature and Humidity and make this
series due to some industrial and commercial facilities need to provide an ideal
environment for the well-being of certain products and for the comfort of
customers and visitors. By installing a good quality Constant Temperature and
Humidity Dehumidifier into your facility, you can control not only the humidity in
RH% but also the temperature on℃ freely. We have 3 types of Thermostat
dehumidifier for your choice: GMHW-7F, GMHW-10F, GMHW-15F and GMHW-20F. And to
provide sustainable and creative service, we are still innovated other types.
Except for the standard ones, we also accept customized thermostat dehumidifier
units in accordance with your specific requirement. 
Principle of Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine
The whole process contains 3 main connected systems: Refrigerant recycling system,
Air recycling system and Electrical automatic control system.
Refrigerant cycling system: 
The liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air and starts to evaporate, thus
making the relative temperature difference between the refrigerant and the air.
When the liquid refrigerant comes into gaseous form, it is inhaled and condensed
in the compressor. Then the gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat in the condenser (air
cool/water cool) into liquid. Through the throttling process of the expansion
valve, it finally becomes liquid refrigerant with low temperature and low
pressure. That is the recycling system of refrigerant.
Air recycling system: The air is sucked up into air outlet by the fan. It is
transferred into the room where users needed through evaporator (Cooling and
dehumidify), humidifier and electric heater (Heating). Then the transferred air
mix with the air within the room comes back to the air outlet. That makes the
recycling of air.
Electrical automatic control system: This system is made us of voltage and
automatic control system separately. Voltage, in simple terms, supply electricity
to the compressor, fan, electric heater. Automatic control system can be divided
into temperature control, humidity control and malfunction protection. 
Application of Constant Temperature and Humidity Dehumidifier
National defense engineering, Civil air defense works,  precision instrument
room, Tobacco, Petrochemical industry, Subway station, Aerospace, Purification
Project, Laboratory, Computer room, Archives, Food workshops, Pharmaceutical or
firm workshops, Special Glass Production, Wood and other occasions needs the
control of humidity and temperature.

Minimum Order: 1 bags

Constant Temperature and Humidity machine
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