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Cyclone Separation Dust Collector

CLK Diffusion Cyclone Dust Collector
Details of cyclone collector
CLK diffusion cyclone dust collector is suitable for supplementing dry non-fibrous
granular dust. The main feature is that the barrel body is inverted cone shape,
thus reducing the possibility of dust gas from the center of the barrel body to
the outlet, Cone-shaped reflective screens are installed to prevent the two air
streams from re-coiling the separated dust and being carried by the updraft, thus
improving the dust removal efficiency.

CLK diffusion cyclone dust collector is used in the industries such as metallurgy,
foundry, building materials, chemical food, cement, etc. to supplement the dry
non-fibrous particulate dust and flue gas dust, and can be used as recycling
material equipment.

XD Type Multi-Cyclone Dust Collector
Details of cyclone type dust collector
XD type multi-cyclone dust collector is a kind of high-efficiency dust collector.
The dust removal efficiency can reach above 95%. The dust body resistance is lower
than 900Pa. The existing boiler induced draft fan can ensure the normal operation
of the boiler. XD type multi-cyclone dust collector has good load adaptability. At
70% load, the dust removal efficiency is above 94%.

The cyclone in the XD type multi-cyclone dust collector is made of cast iron or
ceramic and its thickness is more than 6mm, so it has good wear resistance. It is
the ideal equipment for industrial boiler flue gas dust removal and other dust

XZZ Cyclone Dust Collector
Details of cyclone dust collector
XZZ type cyclone dust collector spirally moves from top to bottom when the dust-
laden airflow enters into the dust collector through the contraction-shaped inlet.
The dust material is run against the wall under the action of centrifugal force,
and it rotates down the wall to enter special In the sealed and dust collecting
device of the structure, the purified gas is discharged from the bottom up and
spirally through the core tube.

XZZ multi cyclone dust collector design Features:
The through-type bypass chamber is designed to effectively eliminate the ash
phenomenon and it is not easy to block.
The structure of the vertebral body close to the straight tube type was designed,
eliminating the formation of the lower gray ring, avoiding local wear and rebound
phenomenon of coarse particle dust, and improving the service life and dust
removal efficiency.
A device designed to effectively prevent the secondary dust from flying in the
lower part of the dust is designed.

XZZ type cyclone dust collector is mainly used for burning hot water or
evaporating boiler at the base, and XZZ cyclone dust collector is also suitable
for other industrial dust removal needs.

GLT/A Cyclone Dust Collector
Details of dust catching machine
The GLT/A cyclone dust collector is composed of a cyclone cylinder, a hopper and a
volute (or wind cap). It is divided into several types according to the number of
cylinders: single cylinder, double cylinder, three cylinders, four cylinders, and
six cylinders. There are five combinations of barrels, each of which has two types
of the air outlet, one type of horizontal air outlet and the second type of upper
air outlet. For the one type of double cylinder combination, there are two types
of combination of the positive air inlet and outlet air and side air inlet and
outlet air. One type of single-barrel and three-barrel have only one type of side-
in and wind-out. The combination of four-barrel and six-barrel only has the form
of mid-inlet and out-air. For any combination of type two, any one of the above
types of air intake position can be used. GLT/A cyclone dust collector is
characterized by low resistance, high dust removal efficiency, large processing
air volume, stable performance, small floor space, simple structure, practical and
cheap, etc. It is applicable to all kinds of mechanical processing, metallurgy
building materials, and dust purification of mining and mining.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Cyclone Separation Dust Collector
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