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DB 20

DB 20 water treatment microbiocide is an aqueous formulation containing a 20% w/w
concentration of DBNPA(2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide) which is a broad
spectrum, fast acting control of bacteria,fungi,yeast and algae, also known as
DBNPA – a non-Oxidizing and highly effective biocide with proven performance in
the past 5 decades. DB 20 is similar with famous brand AQUCAR RO-20 and Aqucar DB
20 etc.

1. Active matter
1.1 CAS No.: 10222-01-2
1.2 EINECS No.: not

2. Specifications
2.1 Appearance (20°C): colorless to
yellowish transparent liquid
2.2 pH: 2.0
– 5.0
2.3 Assay (Loss on drying): 19 – 21%
2.4 Density kg/m3 1.150-1.250

3. Properties
3.1 Odor: Low, mildly
3.2 Boiling Point: >120℃ for
solution, but active ingredient
decomposes prior to boiling
3.3 Vapor Pressure(DBNPA): 2*10-5mmHg@25℃
3.4 Solubility: soluble in
water in use of concentration

4. Key Benefits
4.1 DB 20 water treatment microbiocide is a fast-acting biocide.
4.2 DB 20 rapidly decomposes in aquatic environments with only carbon
dioxide,ammonia,and bromide ions remaining as end products.
4.3 DB 20 is compatible with chlorine
4.4 DB 20 is completely miscible with water and easily dispersed upon introduction
into a water system.
4.5 DB 20 is a broad spectrum antimicrobial,effectively controlling
fungi,yeast,bacteria and algae.

5. Applications and Use
5.1 – Recirculating water cooling towers
Intial Dose: 0.05%-0.10%
Subsequent slug doses: 0.01-0.03%
5.2 – Pulp,paper and paperboard mills
Item Dose ML per ton of paper dry basis
Heavily fouled systems Dose after boiling out 53.0-128.7
Moderately fouled system Initial dose 128.7-189.3
Subsequent dose 53.0-128.7
Slightly fouled systems Initial dose 53.0 to 128.7
Subsequent dose 53.0 to 128.7
Heavily fouled systems should be cleaned before treatment is begun.
5.3 – Enhanced oil recovery systems
Item Dose ppm base on system volume
Intermittent of Slug method Initiala dose 10 to 80

Minimum Order: 1 kilograms

DB 20
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