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decorative far infrared heater panel

Product introduction:

Far-infrared carbon fiber heating panel

Comparing to the average heater, saving power 40-80%, electric conversion rate as
high as 99%, and the temperature can reach 90 degrees C in three minutes.
It is the energy-saving, comfortable, pollution-free green product, the service
life can reach 10 years.

Far-infrared light is a microwave, which can’t be seen, known as the "light of
★ make water molecules activity, improve the oxygen content of the body
★ improve microcirculation system
★ improve the metabolism of the body
★ promote acid-base balance
★ has the magical effect on health care, antibacterial, healing, increasing bone
calcium content

Technical parameter:
Working voltage: 220V
Far-infrared wavelength: 8um-15um
Working life: over 10 years(20,000 hours)

Withstand voltage:3750V
Surface temperature: 90 degree C

Electric heat radiation conversion rate: >99%F
Radiance rate:>75%;
Insulation class:B1

This product is developed with high-tech materials, with carbon fiber heating wire
is produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, in Japan. It is a new-type electric
heater with carbon fiber far-infrared heat body. New type of heat transfer by
infrared radiation heating. Heating system is mainly composed of low-temperature
radiation heating plate and temperature control switches. Low-temperature radiant
heating panel is the core heating element, which is the high-tech product based on
electric energy to achieve low-power, large heating area, low radiation heating.

The characteristic of this product:

Environmental protection
Throughout the heating is running silent, no light, no pollution, no radiation,
energy saving, comfortable, special energy conversion method can solve the urban
air pollution, water shortages and other issues.

Health care
The far-infrared is called as the "light of life" by modern medical profession, in
this long-term external environment, the body's tissues and cells can resonance
absorb, improve body’s microcirculation, promote metabolism, increase cell
viability. Also can regulate the nervous system and respiratory system, strengthen
waist and kidney and improve the human immune system, reduce excess fat, have
therapeutic effect on rheumatism, frozen shoulder, vasculitis, stomach and skin
diseases. This product is not only energy efficient electric heater also a very
good instrument for spectrum therapy.
Products,as well as machine parts have been screened and tested strictly,
dielectric strength is more than the national standard 3750V, its carbon fiber
heating parts are formed by high pressure, completely overcome the disadvantage of
electric film, conductive paint, toner and other heating body, easy to break and
easy to fall off, peroxide, over-current, heat insulation performance, low
intensity difference and so on. This product is light weight, non-polluting, the
structure is strong, and the life is not less than 10 million hours.

The product price is moderate, with low installation costs, and saving energy in
using process by special technical.

In accordance with the specification of the correct operation of this product, it
can be life-long maintenance-free, can solve the day to day’s problems, running,
risk, dripping, leaking, frozen and so on. If ther is no man-made damage, the
lifetime is 50 years for normal operation, which greatly reduces the pressure on
property management .

Far-infrared heaters and electric mural heating panels can be chosen according to
user’s needs, specification diversity, beautiful and practical and so on. Each
room is equipped with temperature control regulator, reached a temperature
controlled, single-chamber is adjustable to meet the needs of the hot and cold at
the same time, while also saving money.

Room saving
This product has no boilers, heat transfer stations, pipelines and other
facilities, can reduce a lot of direct space and indirect space, using this system
can save 3-5% of the planned land. At the same time, the room without the radiator
and piping, is increasing the use of an area of about 5%.

Thermal efficiency
This product is heating directly, warming up fast, good effect, temperature
constant, no dry sense. Heating in three minutes, heat conversion rate can reach
more than 99% , the rated surface temperature can reach 90 ℃ -100 ℃. Comparing
with the resistive element, heat transfer area has increased by 90%, heat
dissipation area is 50 times more than resistance wire. Comparing with similar
products on the market, ceramic type, hot chip, quartz type, oil-set-style heater,
saving 50% -80% energy or more.

Energy Saving
Our central technology is modified carbon fiber flexible part, this part will be
acted on electric potential,causing inner electron to do"Brownian Movement".
Because electrons' bump and friction produce heat, energy conversation rate
reaching over 99%. After the heating element connected to the power for tens of
seconds, the surface temperature will rise soon and transfer the heat to the
cover, then the cover will reach a thermal equilibrium in several minutes(this
balance point is controlled by thermostat system). Due to this heating theory
different from common resistance heating, carbon fiber heating will greatly reduce
energy consumption.
decorative far infrared heater panel
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