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The fan inside of the dehumidifier takes warm, moist air inward. Then this air
flow passes over the evaporator coil to be cooled. The moisture in the air turns
to be liquid form and drips down to the collection tray. Then the dried air flow
passes across the condenser coil to be heated. The air, as a result, turns to its
original temperature and be bowed back into the room by the fan.


Absorption of Dehumidifiers
Absorption of moisture operates on a totally different principle to refrigeration.
Unlike refrigeration are recommend to be applied in a warm climate, absorption of
desiccant dehumidifiers performs exceptionally well in cooler climates, or when a
low dew point is required. As the process, there is no actual water produced, the
absorption humidifiers can work effectively even at sub-zero temperatures.

How to absorb?
The absorption process is realized by a rotor, which is made of alternate layers
of desiccant-contained flat and corrugated sheets. The rotor has two air zones,
the process sector (typically 75%), and the reactivation sector (typically 25%).
The drive motor within the machine will make the rotor rotating slowly
(approximately 8-12 times / h). When the air passes through the process sector,
the moisture is adsorbed and turns to warm and dry. This warm and dry air will be
blown to the room directly by the fan. When the rotor rotating, another heated air
flow (usually fresh air), passes through the reactivation sector, and take the
absorbed moisture away from the rotor. As a result, this air follow turns to be
warm and wet, and usually is exhausted to outside.

Greeme's Dehumidifiers
We supply Desiccant based and Refrigerant type Dehumidifiers, Fresh Air
Dehumidifiers. And in these years, we are dedicated into special care, quality and
innovation to ensure that our products comply with the best standards in practice.
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