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Double cavity magnetic flap liquid level gauge

Double cavity magnetic flap liquid level gauge
Product name: double cavity magnetic flap liquid level gauge
Product code: 155757-647
Views: 575
Processing custom origin: in kaifeng
Magnetic flap models: double cavity liquid level gauge
Type: the level
Measuring range: 0.3 ~ 6 meters (standard), up to 15 meters
Level of accuracy: plus or minus 10 mm
Temperature range: 0 ~ 400 ℃
Pressure range: 0 ~ 16 mpa
The process connection: flange/spool/thread

Double cavity magnetic liquid level gauge is suitable for high temperature and
high pressure liquid container turning, the position of the measurement and
control. Clearly indicates that the height of liquid level, direct display
striking, indicator and completely isolated storage tank, the use of safe,
reasonable design, simple structure, convenient installation and reliable, stable
performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, easy installation and
maintenance, etc.Double cavity magnetic flap liquid level gauge is divided into
top mounted magnetic float level gauge and side mounted magnetic float level gauge
(also called float level gauge and magnetic flap level gauge)

Users can according to the requirements of the project, cooperate with remote
transmitter use, can be realized on the digital display, as well as the standard
of 4 ~ 20 ma output far eastone electrical signals, to match the recording
instrument, or the needs of the industrial process control. Can also be used with
magnetic control switch or close to switch, etc, the liquid level monitoring alarm
and control into the liquid.

Product features:
1, precision manufacturing, strong and durable
2, special structure and material design
3, high definition liquid level indicator
4, flexible installation and the process connection
5, can form a complete set of switch and transmitter
6, good stability, full, zero long-term stability can amount to 0.1% FS/year.
Within the scope of the compensation temperature 0 ~ 70 ℃, the temperature drift
less than 0.1% FS, throughout the allowed working temperature range is less than
0.3% FS.
7, with protection, current limiting protection circuit, the will not damage the
transmitter is negative when installation, exception to send automatically within
35 ma current limit.
8, solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long service life.
9, easy installation, simple structure, economy is durable.

Typical application:
The application of high temperature and high pressure
cryogenic application in low temperature
Special material using
One-piece application

By static pressure measurement principle:
When the liquid level transmitter into the liquid to be tested in a certain depth,
the sensor to meet the pressure on liquid surface formula is: g.H + Po
P: the pressure on the transmitter into liquid level
Rho: the measured liquid density
G: the local acceleration of gravity
Po: atmospheric pressure on the surface of liquid
H: transmitter into the depth of the liquid
At the same time, through the gas leading stainless steel will be introduced to
the liquid pressure sensor of positive pressure cavity, and atmospheric pressure
on the surface of the liquid Po and sensors connected to the negative pressure
cavity, to offset the Po on the of the sensor, the sensor measured pressure is:
rho. We, obviously, through the acquisition of pressure P, can get the depth of
the liquid level.

Technical specifications:
Accuracy of measurement, plus or minus 10 mm
Measuring range: 0.3 ~ 6 meters (standard), up to 15 meters
Temperature range: 0 ~ 400 ℃
Pressure range: vacuum ~ 16 mpa;
Density range: liquid level density is 0.3 S.G, interface density difference of
0.05 s.g.
LSS cavity material: 304/304, 316/316 LSS, etc
Float material: 316/316 LSS, titanium, titanium alloy, etc
The process connection: flange/spool/thread
Display type: vacuum glass tube packaging, magnetic shows
Indicator scale: stainless steel ruler, etching liquid level height, a variety of
optional engineering units
Protection grade: IP68 download , avity-magnetic-flap-liquid-level-
gauge_p0029.h , tml
Double cavity magnetic flap liquid level gauge
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