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Electric cleansing beauty Wash instrument Facial cleaner

1: "Purple grind arenaceous stone" with the first: can effectively remove the
face of dead skin and aging skin, promote the regeneration of facial skin, make
delicate and smooth skin reappear in the face. At the same time can be used to
grind nails thick layer.

2: "ball massage head:" with built-in 4 ball in the rolling process, and can be
used for facial massage face lift, at any time, relieve nerves, accelerate the
blood circulation, massage gently. (the effect will be better! Massaging Cream
or oil)

3: "sponge clean" with the first: the combination of Cleansing Cream or
cleansing gel, cleansing facial skin. Will face wet, wipe on Cleansing Cream,
using this machine for cleaning the face, not only convenient and comfortable,
more dirt cleaning fine pores, and massage. Can be used every day.

4: "the latex powder" with the first: after washing the face, you can use this
massage head massage again on the facial skin, to alleviate fatigue, soothe the
nerves of facial skin, improve skin blood circulation

5: "soft brush head:" coordination with cleanser, dirt and clean the face, soft
and dense brush, in the face when the dirt, dust, effective clean pores, to the
face, soft and delicate refreshing enjoyment. A week using the two times to be.

Every day for 9 minutes, you will see the beat all effect oh! Please try it!
(in fact, often give skin massage can effectively delay skin aging, reduce
wrinkles Oh!)

The shopkeeper dear test! Effect of good oh!

This product battery, a battery can be used for about half a month, suggest to
buy rechargeable batteries are used for a long time, slow speed said battery

In addition the brush head can be disassembled, convenient cleaning, can be
used for a long time! With the emulsion to black is very good, after washing
the face is very comfortable.

The body can't throw into the water, but when the face hands wet with the use
of it doesn't matter does not affect the normal use!

Matters needing attention:

1: do not for dry, rough skin allergy and inflammation do not use.

2: use the cleaning brush of skin do not press too hard, to feel comfortable
when using.

3: Please regularly clean the parts, to ensure that the best use effect, to
extend the service life.

4: after use, please clean the machine and accessories, do not use alcohol,
gasoline, frosted nature of the cleaning agents to clean plastic products.

5: please send accessories placed water cleaning, water temperature should not
exceed 50 ℃ (Mao Shuatou available boiling water for sterilization and
disinfection straight hair oh)

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Electric cleansing beauty  Wash instrument  Facial cleaner
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