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Date/Time:  7/9/19 6:41 GMT

External purification engineering ozone generator

External purification engineering ozone generator

Air sterilization treatment standard

The air quality reference data of the production workshop of the National Product
Bureau "Product Quality Management Regulations":
The food industry can be implemented in reference to the product industry;
disinfection in ordinary households and public places can refer to the standard of
class 300,000.

The series of ozone generator electromechanical integration technology design,
consists of high-efficiency ozone discovery device and PSA oxygen system, using
imported molecular sieve and mature pressure swing adsorption technology to enrich
the oxygen in the air, and then transport it to the ozone generator to manufacture
high concentration.

Ozone gas, the ozone tube of this equipment is imported from Germany hufo patent,
adopts German imported carbonized microcrystalline material nano ceramic glass
medium, the dielectric constant is higher than enamel and ceramic, the wall
thickness is uniform and the elliptic precision is accurate, the temperature is
resistant to -50 ° C to 1050 ° C, resistant Moisture (no return to water),
oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength, high voltage resistance of 30,000
volts without breakdown.

The electrode is made of CNC high-purity and corrosion-resistant high-quality
titanium alloy. The tube seal is made of high-quality tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
material and does not leak ozone gas and coolant to prevent creeping along the
surface. There is a small gap between the dielectric tube and the electrode, and
there is no expansion coefficient and the dielectric tube bursts (enamel
dielectric tube).

The dielectric tube is sintered by nano-crystal technology, and no dust is
accumulated during the ozone generation process, thereby Extremely long life such
as constant ozone production.

The cooling method is unique in air-cooling and liquid-cooled double-cooling,
which results in constant ozone production and high ozone concentration, resulting
in low power consumption and energy saving. It also has good withstand voltage and
mechanical shock resistance. The power supply adopts a new high-frequency high-
power switching power supply and high-frequency inverter IGBT technology, and the
power consumption is extremely low.

PLC programmable controller monitoring system, continuous monitoring and
protection of water temperature, water flow, electrical parameters, air pressure,
etc., to ensure the safe and normal operation of the system, and automatic control
according to preset procedures, and remote centralized control according to
requirements, greatly facilitated The user's management use.

Therefore, the series of ozone generators have high ozone concentration, excellent
working performance, long service life and convenient operation.

Minimum Order: 100 pieces

External purification engineering ozone generator
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