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Feed additive DBA "Batsitoks"

Feed additive DBA "Batsitoks".

"NTC BIO" offers organic phytosorbents DBA "Batsitoks" LLC.

Batsitoks provides neutralize mycotoxins correction of biocenosis of the gastrointestinal tract, improve metabolism, increase the digestibility of the diet of nutritious substances that stimulate growth and development, as well as improving the safety of the animals and birds.

DBA "Batsitoks" contains organic sorbents, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, medicinal herbs and organic acids.

Phytosorbents contains immobilized living cells bacillus Bacillus subtillis , Bacillus licheniformis , complex lactic acid bacteria and their metabolic products - a cellulase, endoglucanase, amylase, protease, lipase, organic acids, biologically active substances, vitamins and amino acids.

Batsitoks of bespechivaet stimulation of immune and metabolic processes, improve digestion due to the introduction and synthesized enzymes. Overall activity on the main groups of enzymes is increased by 16-28% (including the phytase).

Administered probiotic cultures in the form of "biofilms " ensures their high activity and maintenance of synthesis enzyme complex under conditions of rumen bacterial protease.

Batsitoks corrects biocenosis gastrointestinal tract, increased digestibility of diet nutrient substances that stimulate growth and development, provides a neutralization of mycotoxins has high medical-biological properties, performs "biosecurity" and increase animal productivity.


- Is an effective means of prevention of dyspepsia of calves;

- Increases average daily gain of young animals at 9-18%;

- Stimulating the immune system, increases the nonspecific resistance of young animals, enhances the safety of livestock 1-5%;

- Reduces feed conversion of 0.05 - 0.2;

- Improves metabolism, helps to reduce the incidence of ketosis in high yielding cows;

- Promotes normalization of nutrient absorption, restoring normal balance of electrolytes, thereby reducing the incidence of complications postpartum cows (in particular delay placenta, endometritis, and atony al.);

-Kupiruet negative effects of antibiotics.

Normal input - 12 kg / ton feed.

Efficiency Batsitoksa depending on gender and age groups of animals and the composition of the diet is 3-6 times higher than the cost of its application.

To be included in the calculation program of animal feed additive in the present array of biologically active "Batsitoks 2.0".

Minimum Order: 100 kilograms

Feed additive DBA "Batsitoks"
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