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FRP Fodder Towers

FRP Fodder Towers reinforced plastic tower with a special resin and glass fiber
mold forming products, glass steel feed tower strength, high tensile strength,
corrosion resistance, light texture, durable, FRP feed tower with a clear and
transparent transparent window, feed storage increased By the end of a glance,
I produced the glass steel feed tower stent all hot galvanized, easy assembly,
simple, labor saving, FRP feed tower rain, earthquake, strong wind resistance,
I produced the glass steel feed tower all stainless steel screws, galvanized
iron Frame design. FRP tower thermal conductivity is low, do not produce high
temperature of the day of the phenomenon of feed damage, FRP feed tower wall
smooth, discharge is not smooth, FRP feed tower wall temperature difference
between the morning and evening temperature does not dew, to ensure that feed
is not moldy, FRP feed tower insulation Good health, the sun does not produce
high temperature damage feed nutrients.
I produced the glass steel feed tower, complete specifications, from 1.5T,
3.5T, 5.5T, 7.5T, 8T, 10.5T, welcome to buy.

FRP fodder towers or feed towers, are produced by special resin and glass fiber
molding products, with super performance of high tensile resistance, anti-
corrosion, lightweight, solid and durable.FRP feed tower has a long clear
transparent window,which it makes sure that you'll be clear at a glance of feed
capacity(increase and decrease). All the brackets matched with our FRP feed
tower are hot dip galvanized, with advantages of simply and easy assembly,
labor saving and time saving. FRP feed tower is rainproof, anti-seismic and
strong ability to resist wind with stainless steel screws, galvanized steel
tower design. With low thermal conductivity, FRP towers do no damage to feed
caused by high temperature of the daytime. Smooth inwall makes no residues on
it; Slight temperature difference between day and night makes tower inner wall
no dew,to ensure that the feed is not moldy.

We produce FRP feed towers with a full line of specification of
1.5T,3.5T,5.5T,7.5T,8T,10.5T. Welcome to inquiry!
FRP Fodder Towers
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