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Garri Fryer(Cassava Garri Fryer)

Features of Garri Fryer(Cassava Garri Fryer)
Roasting be done mechanically using an automated garri fryer made of stainless
steel material and with electricity, natural gas, firewood or charcoal as the heat
source. The finished product (Garri) is usually recognized from the color change
from white to cream (for non-palm oil fortified Garri) and crispy hand feel of the

Processing Capacity: 100-300kgs/hour
Application Scope: Garri frying or roasting
Product Name Introduction: cassava garri fryer, garri frying machine, gari fryer,
gari frying machine, Garri fryer, cassava fryer machine, cassava frying machine,
cassava roasting machine, cassava drying machine for cassava garri processing

1. This type of fryer is a stirring pot, and the heating method can be
2. It adopts the "Scraping Bottom Type" mixing and stirring, making the materials
mixing more evenly and fully without the dead angle. With heat conduction oil as
the medium, so it is non-stick between materials and fryer;
3. Two independent heating controlling systems, make heating temperature be
regulated, and automatically controlled;
4. Without the danger of open flame, explosion, and fire;
5. Simple installation and easy operation.
6. Hand wheel-shaking discharging. It is efficient and practical.

Product Structure of garri frying machine
1. Pot: The fryer has a flat pot with stainless steel material, with few overall
roundness errors, with a pot stirrer affixing high, avoid the paste pot
2. Heating system: Using a variety of heat in the form of coal, electric, gas and
other options available to customers.
① Electric: A large heated area, temperature-controlled, heat evenly.
② Gas: Easy to use, fast heating, meet some of the demand for high temperature,
unrestricted factory voltage.
③ Coal: Original heat source used for local traditional Garri processing.
3. Mixing system: mixing method using a special tilt rotation, so that the planet
is stirrer and pot full contact, the implementation does not rotate with the
autobiography of rotation integer ratio, so that the pot without stirring dead,
more uniform material mixing, scraping the bottom more thorough, not prone to
paste pot phenomenon.
4. Speed gear: the use of advanced under stirring shaft drive and seal structure,
so the pot clean and sanitary; speed frequency control power, smooth operation.

All parts of the frame body and all food contact areas are 304 stainless steel and
polished, consistent with "People's Republic of China Food Sanitation Law"
requirements, with beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure,
easy installation, simple operation, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters of Cassava Garri Fryer Machine
Model no. GD-IF-1200
(Electric heating) GD-GF-1200
(Gas heating)
Machine material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Capacity 150-200KG/H 150-200KG/H
Power 18KW 1.5KW
Voltage 380V/50Hz 3Phase 380V/50Hz 3Phase
Rotate speed 29R / Min 29R / Min
Heat transfer area 2m2 2m2
Operating temperature 150-180 ° C 150-180 ° C
The inner diameter of the pot 1200mm 1200mm
Inner depth of the pot 400mm 400mm
The inner volume of pot 400L 400L
Weight 750KG 750KG
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 1500×1500×1250 1660×1400×1200

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Garri Fryer(Cassava Garri Fryer)
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