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Hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings instead of grinding cbn insert

Hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings instead of grinding CBN inserts
from Halnn Superhard Materials

The hardness of wind power wheel bearing rings after quenching can arrive
HRC55~62,The hardened layer usually is 3~5mm,wind power wheel bearing ring
which materials are 50Mn or 42CrMo,and turning instead of grinding process
usually use dry cutting with vertical lathe.

Hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings instead of grinding process
raised large challenge on the toughness and wear-resistance of hard cutting
tools because of the large machining allowance and strictly requirements on
machining accuracy when hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings instead
of grinding.

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is the most hard cutting tools materials in
current ferrous metal which used for machining cutting tools. CBN is
already well known as hard cutting inserts after heat-treatment,and it
usually only use on turning small allowance instead of grinding after
quenching because of brittleness limit.

CBN inserts performance requirement for hard turning wind power wheel
bearing rings instead of grinding

The machining allowance of hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings will
be reserved depending on previous heat-treatment process and quenching
deformation.Usually the allowance is 2~6mm when hard turning wind power
wheel bearing rings after quenching; hard cutting inserts need excellent
impact toughness.

Thus it can be seen that the difficult point on hard cutting slewing inner
and outer bearings is CBN inserts need high toughness and excellent wear-
resistance and stability because finish turning slewing ring roller path
after quenching require good smooth finish and dimension stability.So people
who is in slewing wheel bearings industry will complain that CBN inserts has
poor smooth finish because of low CBN inserts hardness, and CBN inserts is
too Brittle to chipping ,especially for discontinuous surface cutting part.

Specific to hard turning large allowance in the wind power wheel bearing
rings,Halnn research new grade cbn inserts which can be used for turning
instead of grinding.

Halnn superhard material developed non-metal adhesive BN-S20 grade CBN
inserts, which specific to the high performance requirement for CBN inserts
on hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings .

As the only non-metal adhesive CBN inserts,BN-S20 grade inserts not only
ensure CBN inserts toughness ,but also avoid the lifetime reduction which
caused by metal adhesive premature softening after CBN inserts was heating
.BN-S20 grade cutting inserts suit high speed finishing and tough turning
high hardness large-scale workpiece after quenching, which hardness is
HRC98.5;and the Machinable Hardness range after heat treatment :HRC45-HRC79.

Halnn BN-S20 grade CBN inserts also suit for hard turning with long time and
large allowance or turning instead of grinding process.

Application case as follows:

Hard turning 50Mn large-scale slewing bearing outer ring after quenching
Hardness after heat-treatment HRC55,
Unilateral machining allowance 2.5mm.

Because of the deformation of the 50Mn rings after quenching,inner hole is
irregular circle ,the previous CBN inserts often chipping.In order to reduce
the chipping depletion,only can use many turning steps machining ,which
cause low machining efficiency ,high equipment share,and the cost increase
which include electronic cost,auxiliary materials cost ect. If use non-metal
adhesive BN-S20 grade CBN inserts ,the cutting depth is about 2.5mm,the
irregular part can arrive about 3mm; If finish machining with one turning
step,it will reduce the cutting numbers,the efficiency will increase 3 times
than before,the cutting inserts also can not chipping and braking which is
most person worry about;and because non-metal has high thermal conductivity
rate,with the same rotate speed , BN-S20 grade non-metal adhesive CBN
inserts lift time is 50% up to common metal adhesive solid CBN
inserts.Compare BN-S20 CBN inserts with common CBN inserts ,the product cost
only increase 10 percent ,but at the same time ,the working efficiency is 3
times than before ,and the inserts lifetime is 1.5 times than before ,the
consumer’s usage cost will reduce substantially.

All can satisfy turning instead of grinding process requirement.

More information details , ,Or contact with us,skype:cbn_inserts_angels

Minimum Order: 10 pieces

Hard turning wind power wheel bearing rings instead of grinding cbn insert
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