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HFJ compact spinning assembly


HFJ compact spinning assembly

H-fang compact spinning accessorial equipment is four-roller device desigened
for modification on traditional ring spinning.

HFJ compact spinning is four-roller device designed for modification on
existing traditional ring frames. Enjoying perfect structure, good workship,
its performance is well accepted ever since its launching market.
When modifying old ring frame, no need to drill on the beam frame, no need to
chang anything on the driving parts or parts beneath the beam frame, thus will
not destroy any part of the machine. For the drafting section, only change
roller stand, front bottom roller, flute pipe unit and add compact device. Then
change fan case and change roving creel. In case of top duct solution, even no
need to change roving creel.

Basic Requirements for getting good result from compact spinning

1,Install traveling clearner.

2,Control temperature, humidity and dust content of the air in the workshop:

A,Temperature:25-30℃constant in all year long

B, Relative humidity: 55%±5% for cotton

75%±5% for worsted

C, Dust content of the air: <3mg/m³

Structure Features

1. Four-roller system, apron lattics are of positive drive.

2. Negative pressure system adopt main blower with general air duct and filter
net to avoild dirtying workshop.

3. Modular design,6 spindles or 8 spindles in one unit.

4. Well-designed negative pressure distribution ensures consistency of airflow
at each suction nozzle.

5. The optimization designed suction nozzle on profiled tube, good for fiber

6. Inverter control for both energy-saving and pressure adjusting for
different yarn count spinning demands.

7. Smoothly moving of the yarn is guaranteed by tension device of the apron
lattice (patent product of H-FANG).

8. Closed-loop control on negative pressure guarantee stable pressure during
spinning.(For option)

9. Auto-cotton striping device available for option.(For option)

Benefits from HFJ compact spinning

1. For cotton yarn, over 60% 3mm hairiness can be reduced.

2. Under the same process and working condition, the tenacity of compact spun
yarn is 5%-15% higher than ring spun yarn.

3. Decrease CV%, increase fibre availability.

4. Higher productivity when producing same tenacity yarn than conventional
spun yarn.

5. Yarn twist can be reduced by 5-10% while maintaining same yarn strength.

6. Better evenness of diameter and hairness.

7. 30% reduction in yarn breakage in warping process.

8. Better abrasion resistance of yarn leading to fewer breaks in weaving.

9. Singeing can be omitted in case of compact siro-spinning.

10. Reduction of pilling and better dye uptake in fabric.

11. Increase productivity, especially for high density fabrics produced in air
jet looms.

12. More clear in fabric texture for yarn dyed fabric, especially for warp-
striped fabric.

13. Maintain tenacity which lost during noiron finishing.

14. More smooth and soft in fabric.

15. Improve working conditions,reduce flyings in workshop.

Long frame compact conversion solution

JWF1530-1008; JWF1536B-1008

Rieter: G32-1200; G33-1200 ; K44-1008

Zinser: Zinser Ring 71-1200; Zinser 360

Lakshmi Machinery Works: LR60/AX-1200

Toyota: RX220-1008; RX240-1008

Other : EJM178-1008 ; ZJ1598-1008 ; DTM149-1008 ; SXF1578-1008 ; BS520-1008

Long frame main technical features

1. Big fan, double ducts, small pressure difference, convenient for conversion

2. Overhead duct and transparent branch pipes, no block-off sight from both
sides, no change in rovings position

3. Pressure auto-detecting/alarming system avoid yarn breakage due to low

4. Auto strip device ensure constant pressure during machine running

5. On-line nonitoring convenient for central monitoring the whole spinning
process (for option)

6. Can be applied with ring frame suppliers for new machine

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HFJ compact spinning assembly
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