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Date/Time:  7/26/19 7:43 GMT

High purity metal halides scintillation crystal materials for X-Ray imaging

High purity metal halides used as scintillation crystal materials for X-Ray
imaging and detection
High purity metal halides-Alkali metal halides
No. Commodity Molecular formula CAS No.
1 Lithium Chloride LiCl 7447-41-8
2 Lithium Bromide LiBr 7550-35-8
3 Lithium Iodide LiI 10377-51-2
4 Sodium Bromide NaBr 7647-15-6
5 Cesium Chloride CsCl 7647-17-8
6 Cesium Bromide CsBr 7787-69-1

High purity metal halides-Alkaline earth metal halides
No. Commodity Molecular formula CAS No.
1 Calcium Bromide CaBr2 7789-41-5
2 Calcium Iodide CaI2 10102-68-8
3 Strontium Bromide SrBr2 10476-81-0
4 Strontium Iodide SrI2 10476-86-5
5 Barium Bromide BaBr2 10553-31-8
6 Barium Iodide BaI2 13718-50-8

High purity metal halides-Rare earth halides
No. Commodity Molecular formula CAS No.
1 Lanthanum Chloride LaCl3 10099-58-8
2 Lanthanum Bromide LaBr3 13536-79-3
3 Cerium Chloride CeCl3 7790-86-5
4 Cerium Bromide CeBr3 14457-87-5
5 Cerium (III) Iodide CeI3 7790-87-6
6 Europium Triiodide EuI 13759-90-5
7 Gadolinium Bromide GdBr3 13818-75-2
8 Gadolinium (III) Iodide GdI3 13572-98-0
9 Lutetium (III) Iodide LuI3 13813-45-1
10 Scandium Iodide ScI3 14474-33-0
11 Yttrium (III) Chloride YCl3 10361-92-9
12 Yttrium Bromide YBr3 13469-98-2
13 Yttrium Iodide YI3 13470-38-7

High purity metal halides-Customized complex halides
No. Commodity Molecular formula
1 Customized complex halides Cs2LiY0.995Ce0.005Cl6
2 Customized complex halides K2La0.9Ce0.1I5
3 Customized complex halides CSr0.95Eu0.05I2

Purity: 99.95%-99.99%, H2O<50ppm, O<100ppm
Appearance: powder or crystal
Package: argon filled glass sealed packaging

Scintillation crystal application:
1. Nuclear medicine imaging such as X-ray imaging (X-CT, DR) and gamma-ray
2. Large-scale high-energy physics projects such as positron-electron
colliders, dark matter detectors, and high resolution gamma spectrometers.
3. Imaging security inspection equipment of airports, subways, ports and etc.
4. Monitoring and detection of radioactive substances in the environment.
5. Exploration of underground mineral resources, oil and gas resources and
geological structure.
6. Industry CT, non-destructive detection of industry equipment and components.

metal halides, scintillation crystal material, scintillator material, LaBr3,
SrBr2, NaBr, CaI2, CLYC•CE, sodium bromide, LaBr3:Ce3+, scintillation detector,
x-ray imaging

Minimum Order: 10 grams

High purity metal halides scintillation crystal materials for X-Ray imaging
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