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Contact: Ms.Megan
Company: Grandly Automation Ltd
RM806, Zhantao Tech Building, Minzhi Rd No.1083, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen 518000
Phone: 86-134-25158853
Fax: 86-755-23490951
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Date/Time:  12/3/16 5:28 GMT

Honeywell 51404305-325 C200 Control Processor In Stock - Grandly Automation

Honeywell Supplier - Grandly Automation Ltd
Provide many hard-to-find Honeywell TDC2000 & TDC3000 parts
Current Parts Inventory Includes:
TDC 3000
TDC 2000
TPS System
LCN Processors & LCNP4 Boards
Advanced Process Manager - APM
Process Manager - PM
High Performance Process Manager - HPM
Network Interface Module - NIM
Hiway Gateways - HG
Advanced Multifunction Controller - AMC
IOP's and FTA's
Universal Station Parts

Contact us: Ms.Megan
Tel: 86-13425158853
Skype: grandlyauto

Honeywell Parts:
51196653-100 Pwr Supply, 5 Slot File, EC
51196654-100 Pwr Supply, 10 Slot File, EC
51196655-100 P/S DUAL NODE EC
51196690-401 Ptr Ribbon, Black
51204147-001 Cable
51201420-015 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone, 15M, non-CE
51201420-020 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone, 20M, non-CE
51201557-150 I/O Link Module, Single, CC
51195178-100 SCSI Bus Term
51308047-100 Cable
GN-KRR011 CABLE Redunant Cable
51195199-010 Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 10M
51195479-200 Cable Set, I/O Link, 3 Drop
51196742-100 Cable, Video, 10ft, HD15 Male to DB9 Female
51197593-100 Lithium Battery
51198947-100 Pwr Supply, PM
51199188-100 Cable, PS2 To Summ. Mouse Conv.
51199194-100 LCD Flat Panel Display, 20.1in
51201395-100 Tap Assy, 4-Drop (Qty 2 in Set)
51201420-003 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone, 3M, non-CE
51201557-350 I/O Link Module, Triple, CC
TC-BATT01 Lithium Battery - Grandly Automation Ltd
51204172-175 HD FTA, A/O w/Standby, Comp Term, CC, CE
51303928-150 FTA, D/I 24VDC, Screw Term, CC
51303932-476 FTA, Serial I/F, Modbus RS-232, CC
51201420-005 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone, 5M, non-CE
51190523-325 Relay, Dual Input, EC
51190582-125 Fuse, .25 Amp-
51190584-150 Fuse, .5 Amp Slo-Blow
51190728-105 Tee Connector, LCN Coax
51190782-200 Terminator, UCN Carrier Band wo/chain
51192060-100 Battery, Ni Cad-Grandly Automation Ltd
51192337-101 Battery Pack NI-CAD
51192418-100 Connector, 75 Ohm
51192887-100 Adapter, ST-SMA
51195153-001 Drop Cable Set, 1M RG6
51303940-150 Fan Assy w/Alarm, 115V, CC
51196694-300 Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, PS/2, Desktop
51196694-350 Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, Z Console, GUS
Honeywell TK-FPCXX2 Power Supply In Stock
TC-CCN013 CNI Module, Single Media
TC-CCR013 CNI Module, Redundant Media
TC-CCR014 CNI Module, Redundant Media (TC-CCR013)
TP-LCNP02-100 LCNP4M Interface Card, Mid-siz
TP-OPADP1-100 OEP Adapter, 120V, Deskside IKB
TP-OPADP1-200 OEP Adapter, 240V, Deskside IKB
MP-ZHMU18-100 HM Upgrade Kit,Dual 1.8GB Drives w/o Tray
MP-ZHMU19-100 HM Upgrade Kit, Dual 1.8GB Drives w/Tray
MP-ZIP100-100 Upgrade Kit, Single Bernoulli to Single Zip Dr
MP-ZPSC16-100 Upgrade Kit, K4SDR-16MW
Grandly Automation
TC-ODA161 AC Output Module 120/220vac 16pt, CIOM-A
TC-ODD321 DC Output Module 24vdc 32 pt, CIOM-A
TC-ODJ161 DC Output Module 24vdc 16pt, CIOM-A
TC-ODK161 AC Output Module 120/220vac 16pt, CIOM-A
TC-PCIC01 ControlNet Interface Card (PCI Bus)
TC-PCIC02 ControlNet Interface Module, PCI bus
TC-RPCXX1 120/240 VAC Redundant Power Supply
TC-TBCH Fild Wiring Connector 36 pos
TC-FPCXX2 120/240vac Pwr Supply
TC-FPDXX2 24Vvdc Pwr Supply
TC-FXX102 10 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp
TC-FXX132 13 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp
TC-FXX172 17 slot chassis, 13 amp
TC-IAH061 Analog Input 6pt Module, CIOM-A
TC-IAH161 AI 16 Module (single or 8 diff.), CIOM-A
TC-IDD321 DC Input Module 24vdc 32pt, CIOM-A
TC-IDJ161 DC Input Module 24vdc 16pt (isoltd.), CIOM-A
TC-IXL061 Thermocouple Input Module 6pt, CIOM-A
TC-IXL062 Thermocouple Input Module 6pt, CIOM-A
TC-IXR061 RTD Input Module 6pt, CIOM-A
TC-OAH061 Analog Ouput 6pt Mod (4-20MA) CIOM-A
TC-OAV081 AO Module 8pt (4-20ma & 10V), CIOM-A
TK-FXX132 13 slot chassis, coated, 13 amp
TK-IAH161 AI 16 Module, CIOM-A, Coated
TK-IDD321 DC Input 24vdc 32pt, CIOM-A, Coated
TK-IXL061 Thermocouple Input 6pt, CIOM-A, Coated
TK-OAV081 Analog Output 8pt, CIOM-A, Coated
TK-ODD321 DC Output 24vdc 32 pt, Coated
TC-TBNH Field Wiring Connector 20 pos
TK-CCR014 CNI, Redundant Media, Coated
TK-CCR013 CNI, Redundant Media, Coated
TK-FPDXX2 Conformal coated 24VDC Pwr Supply
Honeywell TK-TBNH Field Wiring Connector In Stock
Honeywell TK-CCR014 C200 DCS Module In Stock
Honeywell C200 DCS Module TK-CCR013 In Stock
51305380-100 Cable, MAU, EC
51305557-100 Power Cord, 220VAC
51305776-100 OEP/IKB Module Assy
51305890-175 FTA, LLMUX TC, Solid State, CC, CE
51305896-200 PWA, NIM Modem EC
51304485-150 IOP, DI, CC
51304487-150 IOP, D/O, CC
51304493-250 APM MODEM CC, R400
51304516-250 IOP, STI/MV, CC
51308058-200 KYBD I/F CBL
51308112-003 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 3M
51309241-125 Battery Extension Module
51305907-175 Top Assembly LLMUX2, RTD, CE, CC
51308047-100 CABLE, TOUCH SCR
51308058-100 able, Keyboard I/F, 16in
51305072-200 I/O Card, CLCNA, EC
51305334-100 COVER, MAU
51305348-100 MAU Assy
51305378-100 IKBI2 PWA
51304465-500 Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 300cm
51304476-175 FTA, A/O, Comp Term, CC
5308112-015 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 15M
51309148-125 FTA, 120V D/O Relay, Comp Term, CE
51309150-175 FTA, 240V D/O Relay, Comp Term, CC, CE
51309152-175 IOP, A/O, CC
51309204-175 FTA, LLAI Mux/SDI/SI Pwr Adapter, CC
51309218-175 FTA, LLMux RTD, Comp Term, CC, CE
51309241-175 Battery Extension Module (conformal coated)
51309276-150 PWA, HPM I/O Link, CC
Grandly Automation
51402184-200 Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, 5 Slot File
51402447-200 I/O Card, EPDGC, Z-Console
51309288-375 PWA, RED MODULE CC
51309512-175 FTE Bridge Module, CC
51309516-175 SI Pwr Adapter, AC
51402573-250 UCNIF Module Assembly CC
51402625-175 IOP, Redundant DISOE2, CC
51403165-400 OEP Assy, EC
51403645-400 SBHM Single Drive Assy
51403698-100 SBHM Motherboard Assy
51404127-250 HPM File, 15 Slot, CC
51404172-175 Baclpanel, PM Pwr System
51404174-275 PM Pwr System Assy, 20Amp Redundant, CC,
51404305-325 C200 Control Processor(51404305-225)
51403299-200 LCNP4 GPS Assy w/Card Guide
51403422-150 PWA, HPM Comm/Controller, CC
51403427-175 LIM Module CC
51403519-160 K4SDR 16 MW
51309540-175 AO GI/IS FTA (16), HART CC
51401052-100 PWA, SPCI
51401135-350 PWA, Redundant Pwr Sply, 230VAC, CC
Grandly Automation
51401140-450 Pwr System, AC Only,240VAC,16A, Redundant, CC
51401496-100 FAN ASSM, 2 NODE
51401560-100 Kybd, QWERTY Membrane
51401577-100 QWERTY KYBD KIT
51401583-100 HONEYWELL
51401594-200 PWB, KJUMP
51402089-100 PWA, EPDG2
51402089-100 PWA, EPDG2
51404391-125 P/S SER INT ASSY EC
620-0024 24K Memory Module
620-0036 Processor Power Supply
620-0056 Register Module -- 4K x 4K
620-0080 620-35 Processor Module
621-0021RC Enhanced Diagnostics Module
621-1250RC 240Vac Input, 16 point
621-3560RC 24Vdc Input, 16 point
621-3580RC 24Vdc Input, 32 point
621-6550RC 24Vdc Source Output, 16 point
Grandly Automation Ltd
621-9938RC Redundant Serial I/O Module
621-9940C Serial I/O Module
80363969-150 HD IOP, HPM A/O, CC
80363972-150 HD IOP, HPM D/I, CC
80363975-100 HD IOP, HPM D/O
80363975-150 HD IOP, HPM D/O, CC
80366177-250 HD FTA, A/O Redn, Comp Term, CC

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Honeywell 51404305-325 C200 Control Processor In Stock - Grandly Automation
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