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Hot sale 1500W Inverter Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave with MPPT Controller

Foshan Inverter Factory
Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter with MPPT Solar Controller
Model No. FSI-152 12/24
Rated Power: 1500W
Peak Power:4500W
Nominal battery voltage: 12VDC/24VDC
DC input voltage range: 10.5-15VDC (single battery voltage)
Mains input voltage range:
170-275VAC /186-300VAC /85-138VAC / 93-150VAC
Mains input frequency range: 45-65HZ
Battery low voltage alarm: 10.5VDC (single battery voltage)
Battery low voltage protection: 10VDC (single battery voltage)
Battery over voltage protection: 17V±0.5V (single battery voltage)
Battery over voltage alarm: 15-16VDC (single battery voltage)
Over power protection: 110% more than rated capacity
Temperature protection: ≥85℃ alarm ≥90℃ machine shut off
Efficiency: ≥87%
Output voltage (battery mode):
220VAC±2% / 240VAC±2% / 110VAC±2% / 120VAC±2%
Output frequency (battery mode): 50/60HZ±1%
Output wave form: pure sine wave
Output voltage range (mains mode): Stabilization output 220VAC±10%/ 240VAC
±10% / 110VAC±10% / 120VAC±10%
Output frequency range (mains mode): Tracking automatically
Total harmonic distortion (THD): ≤3%
Transfer time: ≤5ms
Display: LCD
Thermal method: Cooling fan in intelligent control
≤42℃ fan rotates slowly ≥45℃ fan rotates fast
Charging type
U1: A.G.M.1
U2: A.G.M.2
U3: Sealed Lead Acid
U4: Gel European
U5: Open Lead Acid
U6: Calcium (open)
U7: De sulphation cycle 15.5 for 4 hrs
Charging current Optional
10%: 5A
20%: 10A
40%: 20A
60%: 25A
80%: 30A
100%: 35A
Working mode
Working mode Optional
01: Normal mode
Mains first with AC charging
02: Energy saving mode
Load power≤10% machine turns off, ≥11%-100% machine turns on
03: PV first
PV first without AC charging
When charging: Battery voltage≥13V, turn converting mode;when converting:
Battery voltage≤10.5V, turn mains mode.
Communication:3 RS232(optional)
Noise: ≤55dB
Temperature: -10-- +40℃
Humidity: <95%
Controller specification (Hybrid inverter model)
Controller is optional part: rated current is decided by customer's need.
Rated charging/discharging current:
□30A □50A
PV input voltage: Max □25V □50V □100V □200V
System voltage: □12V □24V
Zero load loss: <5mA;
Charging circuit voltage down: Not over 0.2V;
Discharging circuit voltage down: Not over 0.15V;
Over voltage protection: 15V; Single battery
Boost charging voltage: 14.6V; Single battery (time of duration:30min)
Direct charging voltage: 14.4V; Single battery (time of duration:30min)
Float charging voltage: 13.6V; Single battery (time of duration: until reach to
charge recover voltage)
Charging recover voltage: 13.2V; Single battery
Over discharging recovery voltage: 12.5V; Single battery
Low voltage: 12.0V; Single battery
Over discharging voltage: 11.1V; Single battery
Temperature compensation: -4.0mv/℃/2V
(Boost charging, Direct charging, float charging and charging recover voltage
Control method: MPPT smart charging
Working temperature: -20℃ to +45℃;
Overload and short circuit protection:
Overload protection: when current of controller is 1.25 times of rated current,
controller works for 30 secs; 1.5 times of rated current, works for 5 seconds.
Short circuit protection: when current of controller is more than or equal to 3
times of rated current, protection starts.
Circuit protection:
Over charging, over discharging, overload and short circuit protection
Anti connection-reverse protection for solar panel and battery
Size L*W*H
(Length including battery terminal 35mm):430*270*310mm
Packing Size L*W*H: 540*350*300mm

Minimum Order: 5 pieces

Hot sale 1500W Inverter Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave with MPPT Controller
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