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Electromagnets; permanent magnets etc. & parts thereof

CODE 8505
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Shenzhen Topband Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen, China, China
Topband has been specialized in manufacturing induction cookers for 14 years with the experience of cooperating with big customers like Electrolux and Whirlpool on OEM projects.
Sinomake Industry CO.,LTD Logo Rubber Magnet,Ferrite Magnet,Ndfeb Magnet,SmCo Magnet,AlNiCo Magnet,Permanent magnet,Liting Magnet,Magnetic Assemble´╝îFlexible magnet, Neodymium magnet
Stanford Magnets Logo
Stanford Magnets - Irvine, California United States
Stanford Magnets has been involved in R&D, manufacturing and sales of permanent magnets since the mid 1980s.
Super Magnet Co.,Ltd - Shenzhen, China
High quality strong permanent magnets for motor and sensor products
Suzhou Debra Equipment Corporation Logo
Suzhou Debra Equipment Corporation - Suzhou, Jiangsu China
Debra Equip Corp. is dedicated to provide optimized solutions for aluminum melting, aluminum scrap recycling, casting industry, aluminum machining with more than ten years.
TOP MAGNETICS CO., LTD. - Ningbo, China
Universal (Ningbo) Magnetech Co., Ltd - Ningbo, Zhejiang China
Our company has specialized in manufacture of Sinter NdFeB Magnets for more than twenty years ,and it turns out 500 tons per year, We can supply the following property magnets in various size and delivery them in shortest time: N-35 33H 33SH N-38 35H 35SH
Wuhan Zoncare Electronics Co., Ltd Logo
Wuhan Zoncare Electronics Co., Ltd - Wuhan/Hubei, Hubei China
Wuhan Zoncare Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech medical enterprise in China.
Xiamen Everbeen Magnet Electron Co.,Ltd Logo specializes in various permanent magnets,mainly produce the NdFeB magnet,Ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo, Rubber Magnet and magnetic products.
* Advanced Materials Solutions
xiangying magnetic materials - Xiamen, Fujian China
Magnetic Compound for Extrusion ,Plastic Magnetic Compound for Injection Moulding,Flexible Magnetic Strip and Magnetic Sheet,Ferrite core,Bonded Magnetic ferrite powder
yueyangqiangli electromagnet Logo
yueyangqiangli electromagnet - Yueyang city 5kilo in jing-zhu highway connecting , 5-kilo in jing-zhu highway connecting road China
Our company is professional manufacturer of lifting electromagnet ,cable spring,electromagnetic&permanent magnet separator and rectificer control equipment.
Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,ltd Logo Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd - One of China major manufacturers of magnets and magnetic products
magnet assembly
Zhuji Hiest Motor Co., LTD Logo
Zhuji Hiest Motor Co., LTD - Zhuji, Zhejiang China
High effierency 0.1kw to 20kw permanent magnent generator
* The professional manufacturer of Bonded permanent magnets in China
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