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Undenatured ethyl alcohol, less than 80% vol.; spirits, liqueurs etc.

CODE 2208
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AC PRIME Export Ltda Logo
AC PRIME Export Ltda - São Caetano do Sul, SP Brazil
We are an Export/Import (supplier) company from Brazil acting on Food & Beverage field. We work only with products certified by Brazilian Food Administration (MAPA).
Amjur Com. Imp. Exp. Ltda - Santana de Parnaiba - SP, SP Brazil
We are a Brazilian company focused in export potencial brazilian products, and our portfolio is basicly composed by: Brazilian Spirits Cachaca and Caipirinha
Asterion Shipping and Trading S.A Logo As your Supply Agent, we meet your needs at reasonable prices with one invoice, and help you to save more time for the satisfaction of your customers.
BRG Resources Limited Logo
BRG Resources Limited - Aba, Abia, Abia State Nigeria
BRG International Marketing Ltd is a leading marketing company in Nigeria, We are Importers/Exporters, Consultancy and General Merchant here in Nigeria.
Cachaça Fazenda Cana Brasil Logo
Cachaça Fazenda Cana Brasil - São Paulo - SP, São Paulo Brazil
Cachaça Brasileira - The cachaça is a typical Brazilian drink, made from sugar cane.
Caramba Tequila Logo
Caramba Tequila - Pasadena, California United States
Caramba Tequila. World's Sexiest Tequila. Quality Tequila from Mexico.
Cavendish Limited Logo
Cavendish Limited - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Cavendish is a bulk commodities trading company, with its head office in Dubai UAE. Our main products are Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Wheat, Rice, Flour, Olives and Olive Oils.
CM Group Sp. z o.o. Logo
CM Group Sp. z o.o. - Krakow, Maloposkie Poland
Here at CM Group we are building an unparalleled network of partners around the globe, serving the world's food suppliers and customers with diverse products from Europe's biggest producers.
Dadsons Uk Ltd - London, United Kingdom
If our customers are happy, we are happy, too
* The EXPEDITER is a company that export/Import and assist the other enterprise in foreing trade
Hunan Goalong Liquor Ltd Logo
Hunan Goalong Liquor Ltd - Changsha, China
whisky, brandy, vodka selling, ODM and OEM business
* Trade Import Export Internet Service, Business to Business Brokerage Company
KIM Group Logo
KIM Group - Prizren, Kosovo Switzerland
Export/Import of Foods and Beverages, Wines and Spirits, Fish and Caviar, Building materials, Heavy construction, Trucks, Own label drinks development and production, etc.
Nordic Beverage Distributors Logo
Nordic Beverage Distributors - Tallinn Harjumaa , Estonia
Nordic Beverage Distributors - Your Top Branded Alcoholic Beverage Partner
Nuga GmbH - Saarbruecken, Saarland Germany
our company is producer and trader of all kinds of spirits
Nuga Import Export GmbH Logo
Nuga Import Export GmbH - Saarbruecken, Germany
Our strength is based on quality, flexibility, reliability and power. Logo - Karesuando, Norrbotten Sweden
The Most Extravagant Experiences Money Can Buy
PRF.ROMA.IT - Rome, Italy
We are a niche marketer of food, Beverage and agricultural products, whose core business is quality typical traditional authentic Italian products. We link potential producers to potential buyers.
Santa Fe Tequila Company Logo
Santa Fe Tequila Company - Santa Fe NM, United States
SilverCoin Tequila, Santa Fe Tequila Company´s Incredible Smooth Silver, Aged and Extra Aged 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila, and, unlike all other tequilas on the market, it is distilled to proof.
Sibrus-Resource - Dnepropetrovs, Ukraine
Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd. Logo
Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd. - Dalian city, , Liaoning Prov, China
We are Chinese company Sky Bay International Trading Co., Ltd. from Dalian created for the Importing, promotion and sale strong&soft beverages in China.
SULEXPORT - Horizontina - RS, Brazil
Exporting Brazil's Quality to the World
Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of Fish Meal, Bone Meal, White Chickpeas, Yellow Corn, Green Mung Beans, Red Kidney
Yuhuan Chung Fu Tools Co., Ltd - Yuhuan, Zhejiang China
Professional Manufacturer and Exporter
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