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Ketones & quinones with or w/o other oxygen function & their halogenated, sulfonated etc. derivatives

CODE 2914
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Agco International - Pittsburgh , United States
Agco international is a reputable name in business we are known for chemicals purchase , industrial materials , electronics and consumable appliances
Asiaron Chemical Limited Logo
Asiaron Chemical Limited - Shanghai, China China
Asiaron Chemical Limited
Beijing Honghui Meditech Co.,Ltd Logo looking forward to identifying potential customer from global pharmaceutical and biotech companies who are interested in outsourcing preclinical R&D projects
Beijing Rexun Pharma Logo
Beijing Rexun Pharma - Bei Jing, China
we provide custom synthesis of stable isotope labeled compounds to our customers. We also provide the services of fully synthesis for natural products.
* Beijing THTD pharmaceutical technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production, sales and custom synthesis of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.
* Supply pharmaceutical intermediates and flavors.Reliably,Efficiently,Accurately.
COCITEX S.A - Kumba, Cameroon
We have been in business since 1999 and we deal in organic chemicals,inorganic chemicals,Resins,SBR and many other products we are capable of shipping world wide
Effectivechemicals - Pyrmont, Australia
we are experienced suppliers of a wide range for research chemicals and related pills. professional Anonymous packaging is the secret for our safe and timely delivery.
* OLED related chemicals
FuncChem (Shanghai) Inc. - Shanghai, China
Functional Chemicals for Plastics, Coating, Ink and Adhesive, Light Stabilizers,Photoinitiator, Antioxidant, Heat Stabilizer, Resins and monomers, Intermediates
Gantrade(Dalian)Co.,Ltd.  Logo
Gantrade(Dalian)Co.,Ltd. - Dalian, Liaoning China
An experienced and responsive worldwide marketer of a broad range of petrochemical-based products
Guangzhou Lifly Chemical Co Ltd. Logo
Guangzhou Lifly Chemical Co Ltd. - Guangzhou, Guangdong China
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)( 2-Butanone)supplier from china, Product available in bulk, or in isotank and in drum.
HeBei GuanLang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd Logo
HeBei GuanLang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd - Shijiazhuang, Hebei China
We are the factory of BMK ,PMK glycidate and 16648-44-5.
Hebei maison chemical Logo
Hebei maison chemical - Shijiazhuang, China
your satisfaction = our ultimate purpose
Hebei Maison Chemical Co., Ltd. - Shijiazhuang, China
we develop nd manufactures liquid crystals and liquid crystal intermediates
Henan Kingway Chemical Co.Ltd. - Zhengzhou, Henan China
highpuritydrugsltd Logo
highpuritydrugsltd - London, United Kingdom
Our business is related to Chemicals industry and we specifically deal in methylone, mdai
Medichem Pharmacy - Windsor, Canada
we also sale Blue/Red/Yellow Top HGH 100iu Injection ,Research Chemicals Methylone,4-MMC,etc..
ningbo honor chemtech co.,ltd Logo
ningbo honor chemtech co.,ltd - Ningbo, Zhejiang China
Ningbo Honor Chemtech Co.,Ltd.
Norwich Industry Co.,Ltd - Zhengzhou, China
We are a creditable suppplier to our customers
Perry Drug Store - Pontaic, United States
Our main filed is Actavis Promethazine Cough Syrup with codeine We are currently offering top quality,samples are adviced first.
shanghai senyo international trading co.,ltd. Logo Experienced seller for APIs,Pharmaceutical intermediates,Peptide Reagents,Agrochemicals with competitive price and high qulity.
shangyu SIMO Biological Chemical Co. Ltd  Logo Jiangxi SIMO Biological Chemical Co. Ltd is executing our concept as “Customer Foremost, Honesty Based, High quality & Low Prices
Shenzhen Jin Teng Long Trade CO.,LTD Logo
Shenzhen Jin Teng Long Trade CO.,LTD - Shenzhen, Guangdong China
DMBA,DMPA manufacturer
Suntto Chemicals Co., Ltd Logo
Suntto Chemicals Co., Ltd - Changzhou , Jiangsu China
Suntto Chemicals Co., Ltd is a customer oriented R&D company specialized in complex, multi-stage customer synthesis and process research.
Tomo Pharma Chem Co., Limited - Hangzhou, Zhejiang China
Anacetrapib, Bafetinib, Dovitinib, Eltrombopag, Ibrutinib, Idelalisib, Ledipasvir, Linaglitin, Midostaurin, Odanacatib, Orantinib, Pleconaril, Pralatrexate, Teneligliptin, Thiazovivin, Triciribine
* Atracurium Besylate; Sibutramine; Adapalene; Bumetanide; Candesartan; Lumefantrine; Fluvoxamine; Imiquimod; Imidocarb; Irbesartan; Meclofenoxate; Olmesartan; Triclabendazole
Universal Meph Center Logo
Universal Meph Center - Apple Valley, California United States
Our online pharmacy will supply you quality medicines to your door step.
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