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1. Roof insulation Fire performance
Glass wool has the highest fire rating --Class A, which fully in line with the
relevant national fire requirements, ensuring the safety of the building and the
safety of the user's life and property.In recent years, due to several major fires
caused by unqualified thermal insulation materials, the state has put forward
higher requirements for the fire rate of building thermal insulation materials.
2. Thermal insulation performance
Glass wool, uniform fiber distribution and more slender fiber make the product has
a lower thermal conductivity, which ensure the superior thermal insulation
performance of the product and other excellent performances to ensure the long-
term thermal insulation effect of the product.
3. Glass wool insulation Environmental performance
Glass wool is an inorganic thermal insulation material made of colorless plate
glass and quartz sand as the main raw material.As a green building product, the
construction waste of it can be recycled, fully in line with environmental
4. Acoustic performance
The internal porous structure of glass wool makes it have superior sound
absorption ability and greatly improves the comfort of indoor environment.
5. Fiberglass insulation The anti-seismic performance of the structure
As the glass wool fiber is fine and long, it makes a high strength, high tensile,
high anti-seismic structure, which no matter during installation or after long
time use,it will not appear sagging, scattering or collapsing phenomenon.
6. Fiber glass wool Chemical properties
The dimensional stability of glass wool material is good, not easy to be affected
by high temperature, lightning rain, sunshine, acid and alkali and other natural
and man-made factors.
7. Acoustic insulation Air permeability
The porous open structure and special formula of glass wool make it have better
air permeability than other insulation materials, which is conducive to the timely
diffusion of indoor and wall moisture, greatly reducing the possibility of mold
growth, helping to extend the service life of the building, as well as improving
the comfort of the indoor environment.

Item Unit Index Measured value Remarks
Bulk density Kg/m3 10-96 10-96 GB/T13350-2000
Average fiber diameter μm <8.0 4.0-6.0 GB/T13350-2000
Moisture resistivity % >98 >98.5 JISA9512-2000
Thermal conductibility W/m.k 0.049-0.042 0.045-0.032 GB/T13350-2000
Incombustibility incombustible Grade A GB/T13350-2000
Sound absorption coefficient 1.03 product reverberation
positioning 24 Kg/m3 2000HZ GB/J47-83
Max working temperature 400 410 GB/T13350-2000

Minimum Order: 1000 square metres

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