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Company: Baoding Zhonghe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Date/Time:  12/29/18 5:25 GMT

Industrial hot air blower Industrial heating fan Electric heat

This type hot air-fan is suitable for heating, drying and dehumidification in
food, pharmaceutical, electronic, printing, spraying, cleaning and other
industries, as well as heating and temperature rise in large area and large space.
Its small size and its light weight make it easy to has high thermal
efficiency, can work continuously, is durable and accurate in temperature control.
Air inlet interface
The machine adopts a tight air inlet interface, and the selection performance of
the wind source is strong .
The selection of air volume is large
This machine can choose wind source or assemble wind source according to needs, so
it is convenient and practical.
Heat insulation of hot air-fan
Multi-fiber insulation cotton is used for insulation, and the strong machine
casing makes it safe and reliable,can maintain long-term high temperature work.
Temperature regulation of hot air-fan
The air outlet is equipped with temperature sensor, which can adjust the
temperature according to the needs. The precision of temperature control is 1℃.
Term ordering detection function (preventing fan reversal)
This machine control system is equipped with motor item ordering sequence
detection function.If the item ordering error,the item ordering warning indicator
lights up.
Remote open control
This machine has a remote control interface, which can control the start and stop
of the machine remotely.
Fan delay function
In order to protect the heating core and prolong the service life of the heating
core, the machine has a time delay function of downtime and blow drying. After the
machine stops working, the hair dryer will blow off for a minute before it can be
shut down.
High heat exchange efficiency
Ingenious design of wind tunnel let the air uniform through the inside and outside
of the helical heating wire.Heat exchange near 100%,the loss of wind pressure is
less.The heating core of the hot air machine is designed to use the lower surface
power density, and the heating temperature in the unit area is low, so the
electric heat wire has a long service life.
Air flow regulating valve
The air inlet of the blower is equipped with a manual air volume regulating valve,
and the air volume can be adjusted according to the needs.
It has overheating overload protection, power cut protection device, emergency
stop switch, phase sequence protection, fully guarantee the safety of the
equipment, do not produce exhaust gas, and meet the environmental protection.
Optional wind regime
Centrifugal fan Medium pressure fan High pressure fan(standard configuration
of this machine is 750W medium pressure fan)
Selection tips: when choosing a hot air machine, it is necessary to see the match
between temperature and air volume. Any power fan can reach 350 degrees. But when
the air volume is reduced and the heating power is constant, the greater the air
volume, the lower the temperature, the lower the air volume, the higher the
temperature, please choose according to the need.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Industrial hot air blower Industrial heating fan Electric heat
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