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INR18650-2200mAh battery,2000mAh Li-ion battery supplier

INR18650-2200mAh battery,2000mAh Li-ion battery supplier,lithium ion battery for
power tool,power tool lithium ion battery supplier

2200mAh Li-ion battery Product Details:

NO. Items Specifications
1 Model INR18650-2200
2 Can Material Ni-Iron
3 Rated Capacity 2200 mAh(0.2C5A)
4 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
5 Max. Charge Voltage 4.2 V
6 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.75V
7 Max. Charge Current 1 C5A
8 Standard Discharging Current 0.5 C5A
9 Max. Continuous Discharge Current 11 A
10 Max. Pulse Discharge Current 30A( 2s pulse  )
11 Max. Diameter(include PET) ≤18.40 mm
12 Max. Height (include PET) ≤65.50mm
13 Weight (Approx.) 44.0g
14 Impedance (Max. at 1000Hz、charged status) ≤ 18 mΩ
15 Charge Method (CC/CV) Standard 0.2 C5A×5hrs
Quick 1 C5A×2.5hrs.
16 Operating Temperature Charge 0℃~45℃ 32oF~113oF
Discharge -10℃~60℃ -4oF~140oF
Storage -20℃~45℃ -4oF~113oF

Characteristic  of 2200mAh Li-ion cylindrical battery
Without special instructions, the following tests should be done under the
condition of : temperature(23℃±3℃), atmospheric pressure (86KPa~106KPa),
relative humidity (45%~85%), and the tests should be done within two weeks after
receiving the products.
the definitions of some nomenclatures of this specification
standard Charge: Charge with current 0.2C5A to limit charge voltage under the
condition of23℃±3℃ surrounding temperature, then change to charge with constant
voltage till the current less than or equal to 0.02C5A.

Electrical Characteristic  for Cylindrical Rechargeable Electric vehicle li-ion

NO. Item Standard Test Method
1 Discharge rate capabilities A)1 C5A ≥97% B)5 C5A ≥95% Standard
charged under the condition of normal atmospheric pressure and the environmental
temperature of 23℃±3℃ and45%~85%RH, then rest for 30mins and discharge
at1C5A、5 C5A、10 C5A to the discharge cut-off voltage respectively.
Charge/discharge cycle can be conducted for 3times before meeting the
Standards(the same below)
2 capacity retention and recovery Residualcapacity≥94 %
Recoverablecapacity≥*98% Standard charged under the condition of normal
atmospheric pressure and the environmental temperature of 23℃±3℃, Stored for
28 days, then discharge at 0.2 C5A to 2.50Vmeasuring residual capacity; Then
standard charge/discharge measure recoverable capacity.

       3 Low TemperaturePerformance discharge capacity≥85% rated
capacityno distortion and no rupture The cell shall be charged in accordance
with the standard charge. Then stored in the temperature of -10℃±1℃ for4h,
Discharge at the constant current of 0.2C5A down to the end-of-discharge voltage
4 Cycle Life Charge: The cell shall be charged in accordance
with RapidCharge condition. rest for 10mins.Discharge : 5C5A discharge to 2.75V,
one cycle is finished, then rest for 30mins. Then repeat above steps, when
capacity is less than 80% of initial capacity, the battery life is over.

Minimum Order: 2000 pieces

INR18650-2200mAh battery,2000mAh Li-ion battery supplier
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