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ipCHWP Water Proof with PFC Battery Charger

ipCHWP Water Proof with PFC Battery Charger

Feature Overview
This is an intelligent battery charger, which adopts advanced high frequency
switching mode power supply technology. The charging or recovery process is
controlled intelligently by a high performance microprocessor. A 0.99 Power
Factor minimizes utility surcharges, maximizes use of AC power, and makes it
can operate with worldwide range AC input.
Approved battery charge algorithms for ideal charging, which can not only make
the charging with high efficiency, but also can resume the battery capacity and
increase the battery life span. Fully sealed enclosure which provides improved
reliability in demanding environments, and the advantages of light weight,
compact size and long life design make the charger more competitive than any
other battery chargers.
Some charger modules can be used in parallel directly to increase charging
current and realize high-speed charging.
AC Input Voltage: AC95V to AC265V
AC Input Frequency: 45Hz to 65Hz
Max AC Input current: 12A at 110V, 6A at 220V
AC Power Factor: no less than 0.99
DC Output Voltage: See the Type Table
DC Output current: See the Type Table
Maximum Efficiency: ≥90%
Environmental Enclosure: IP66
Shock & Vibration: SAEJ1378
Safety-North America: UL2202/UL1564 2nd Edition
Emissions- North America: FCC Part 15/ICES 003 Class A
Immunity-Europe: EN61000-4-2/3/5/6/11
Operating Temperature: -20 Celsius degree to +50 Celsius degree(-22-122)
Short Circuit: Electronic current limit, manual reset
Thermal Cutback: Reduce output current if thermal is over 85°C
AC under or Over: Shut down, auto-reset.
Reverse Polarity: Electronic protection, auto-reset.
Operation Indication
Stand By: AC LED on
<80% Charge: Charging with maximum current.
>80% Charge: 80% LED on, Charging current is cutting down bar by bar.
100% Charge: FULL LED on, Charging course is over.
Maintenance: Auto-restart if battery voltage<2.1V/cell or 15days elapse
Fault indication
Charger Fault: AC & FAULT LED on, LED4 flash.
Battery Fault: AC & FAULT LED on, LED1 flash.
Type Description

Type Table
Type Battery Voltage Charge current
ipCHWP-1230 12V 30A
ipCHWP-2430 24V 30A
ipCHWP-3621 36V 21A
ipCHWP-4818 48V 18A
ipCHWP-6015 60V 15A
ipCHWP-7212 72V 12A
ipCHWP-9610 96V 10A
ipCHWP-10810 108V 10A
ipCHWP-12008 120V 8A
ipCHWP-14408 144V 8A

Operating Instructions
1. Always use a grounded outlet .When using an extension cord, avoid
excessive voltage drop by using a grounded 3-wire cord.
2. The charge will automatically turn on and go through a short LED
indicator self-test (AC on, else flash). If the charger is connected to battery
pack, a trickle current will be applied until a minimum voltage. If the charger
is used in an off-broad application and the charger is waiting to be plugged
into a battery pack (AC on , else off).
3. Once a minimum battery voltage is detected, the charger will enter the
bulk charging constant-current stage. It will display the current to the
battery on the bar graph. The length of charge time will vary by how large and
how depleted the battery pack is, input voltage (the higher, the better), and
ambient temperatures (the lower, the better).
4. When the battery is at approximately 80% state of charge, the bulk
stage has completed and an > 80% charge indication is given (‘80%’ LED on).
In the next phase known as the absorption or constant-voltage phase, the last
20% of charge is then returned to the battery. The charging could be terminates
at this point if the vehicle requires immediate usage, however, it is highly
recommended to wait until 100% charge indication is given to ensure maximum
battery capacity and life.
5. A low current “finish-charge” phase is next applied to return and
maintain maximum battery capacity ( ‘100%’ LED on).
6. When ‘100%’ LED on, the batteries are completely charged. The charger
may now be unplugged from AC power (always pull on plug and not cord to reduce
risk of damage to the cord). If left plugged in, the charger will automatically
restart a complete charge cycle if the battery pack voltage drops below a
minimum voltage or 30 days has elapsed (optional).
7. If a fault occurred anytime during charging, a fault indication is
given by flashing FAULT and other LED. Detail information is shown in appendix
Maintenance Instructions
1. For flooded lead-acid batteries, regularly check water levels of each
battery cell after charging and add distilled water as required to level
specified by battery manufacturer. Follow the maintenance and safety
instructions recommended by the battery manufacturer
2. Make sure charger connections to battery terminals are tight and clean.
3. Do not expose charger to oil, dirt, mud or to direct heavy water
spraying when cleaning vehicle.
Installation Instruction
WARNING: The output of chargers will be greater than 48V may pose an energy
and/or shock hazard under normal use. These units must be installed in the host
equipment in such a manner that the output cable and battery connections are
only accessible with the use of a tool by qualified personnel.
Optional function 1
The green wire outputs battery voltage when the charger is not plugged into AC
to provide an interlock function – see Fig.1. If used, a user-supplied 1A
fast-blow external fuse must be installed inline to prevent damage. Shorting or
drawing more than 1A may damage charger and void the warranty.

Appendix II Charging Status Describe
Num Status Describe Reason & Handle
1 AC(yellow):ON
2 AC(yellow):ON
3 AC(yellow),LED1(green):ON Charging,current is 25%
4 AC(yellow),LED1(green),LED2(green):ON Charging,current is 50%
5 AC(yellow),LED1(green),LED2(green),LED , 3(green):ON
Charging,current is 75%
6 AC(yellow),LED1(green),LED2(green),LED ,
3(green),LED4(green):ON Charging,current is 100%
7 AC(yellow),80%(yellow):ON Charging,battery is 80% charged
8 AC(yellow),FULL(green):ON battery is 100% charged
9 AC(yellow), LED1(green):ON
(lon , g,short,short,long,short,short) Batteries are not right,or Batteries
are not connected rightly. Battery is not connected rightly.
10 AC(yellow),FAULT(red):ON

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

ipCHWP Water Proof with PFC Battery Charger
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