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IXPE black conductive sponge

IXPE black conductive sponge
Black Conductive IXPE Sponge
Black Conductive Sponge
IXPE black conductive sponge, also known as black conductive IXPE sponge, black
conductive sponge, black conductive foam, conductive high-density sponge, anti-
static black sponge, classified as conductive sponge board, conductive sponge
strip, conductive sponge tube, conductive sponge according to product use Die-
cutting type.
The product is a closed-cell soft sponge which is mixed into a conductive
filler by an internal addition method during the molding process of the sponge,
and is formed by radiation crosslinking. After the sheet is formed, the
conductive filler forms a conductive path inside the sheet. Network to achieve
the purpose of electrostatic leakage.
There are high, medium and low density products;
The surface resistivity is 4 to 6 Ω/Square of 10, and the volume resistivity
is 4 to 6 Ω/cm of 10;
Clean, dust-free and desquamation: After cross-linking between molecular
chains, the ability to consolidate conductive fillers is greatly improved;
No corrosion and corrosion resistance: no odor, and resistance to erosion by
organic solvents and chemical agents;
weatherproof, moisture-proof, seismic insulation: closed-cell air bubbles are
small and uniform, moisture absorption performance, cushioning shock
resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation performance;
The machine has good performance and can be punched and processed into various
shapes required by customers.
IXPE black conductive sponge are mainly used for anti-static patch panels,
cushions for microelectronics, optoelectronic components, anti-static packaging
for semiconductor chips, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, storage
and transportation packaging for precision high-frequency electronic products
and industrial modules. Anti-static packaging for frequency components,
aviation instrumentation, weapons and ammunition, etc.
More infomation can view here.
IXPE black conductive sponge
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