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Contact: Lindajeon
Company: Toppo Lighting company limited
D Building of 6th Huanping Road, Gaoqiao Zone, PingDi Town, LongGang District, ShenZhen 518117 P.R.C
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Date/Time:  12/19/19 6:53 GMT

LED Linear Light

Our 6ft Dimmable LED Batten Light has high stability and mechanical strength
and has good protection against various chemicals. A protective sealing ring is
arranged between the casing and the transparent cover, and is pressed by an
interlocking mechanism. The 4ft LED Batten Light with PIR Sensor is a high
performance light. It is equipped with a PIR sensor and a small number of
peripheral components to form a passive pyroelectric infrared body-sensing
switch. It uses industrial-level chips, which has wide load capacity and strong
anti-interference ability, and is suitable for any place. In addition, the 4ft
LED Batten Light with PIR Sensor can automatically recognize day and night, so
that it can automatically work at night and shut down during the day, and the
working time also can be adjusted by users. The detection distance can also be
adjusted according to the place of use. We also have products like 5 Foot Tri-
color LED Batten Light which is a new type of LED batten light, the structure
is the same as the conventional LED batten light, the main difference is that
it uses three kinds of light colored LED beads. 6 Foot Linear LED Pendant Light
adopts a cold light source design, thus there is no heat radiation, and no harm
to the eyes and skin. Our 4 Foot Suspended Linear LED Light Fixture uses a
high-brightness led light source to achieve minimal light loss. Its light
source and drive are modular and integrated for easy replacement. In addition,
it has a simple structure and can be hung in many places and has a wide range
of practical applications. The 40w Commercial Linear LED Shop Light uses a cold
light source, has little glare, no radiation, and does not produce harmful
substances during use. 30 Watt Microwave Sensor LED Batten Light is a new type
of intelligent lighting product that automatically controls the light source
through the sensor module. It uses microwaves to sense the presence, movement
speed, distance, angle and other information of the objects. It is an
intermittent illumination source for frequent switching, which is the ideal
replacement for various types of fluorescent lamps. , r-light/
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