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Lift Standing Desk

From the evolution of human beings, we have experienced the process of walking on
all fours to walking upright. After the investigation of the development history
of furniture in the world by researchers, we found that sitting down in daily
activities is conducive to reducing fatigue after walking upright, so we invented
the sitting device. This way of sitting work subsequently passed down, but as
people sat in the office more and long time, people gradually realize that
sedentary instead not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency, people
begin to try to sit stand alternating office, gradually lift table also occurs,
use lifting table stand office become a popular way of health office.

Commonly used for learning, office, Internet, etc., according to the lifting mode
can be divided into the following three categories: automatic, manual, sit stand
desk converter. But at present the most mainstream is the automatic lifting table,
because it is more in line with people's pursuit of high-quality office life, at
the same time in the background of the product more and more popular, automatic
lifting table and manual and table lifting platform price gap are becoming smaller
and smaller. Therefore, automatic lifting table is the most mainstream is the most
cost-effective choice!
Why Lift Standing Desk?

No matter sitting office or standing office for a long time has a bad
physiological impact on the human body, only sitting and standing alternate office
is the most scientific, the most healthy way of office, sitting and standing
alternate office will lead a healthy office revolution.

The dangers of sitting at work:

1. Obesity
2. Memory loss
3. Lumbar spine disease
4. Loss of appetite
5. Gynecological diseases

Benefits of standing office:

1. Promote blood circulation throughout the body
2. It gives you a sense of urgency and concentration
3. Get through the meridians of the whole body to make the body more healthy.
4. Make yourself soberer and think more clearly
5. Spine is straight, will not bend hunchback, keep a good figure, but also
prevent myopia
6. When you're tired of standing, the body will tell yourself it's time to rest,
which will also improve your efficiency.
Lift Standing Desk
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