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Date/Time:  4/21/17 11:41 GMT

Lipo laser cryo rf skin rf skin tightening face lifting machine

CRV7 is a multifunctional professional slimming system. With RF and 650nm laser
treatment heads, it can be used for cryolipolysis body fat freezing, laser
lipolysis body slimming and RF skin tightening.

Features of the lipo laser cryo rf skin care product
1 different deep-specific RF frequency (0.8MHz,1.6MHz, 2.6MHz) have unique
performance in wrinkle removal
2 surface cold ,deep heat
3 650nm light wave improve blood circulation,enhance the vitality of human cells
and promoting protein synthesis
4 laser-radio frequency combined output, with the pulsating work
5 using an 8 inch color touch LCD displaying system

1. Laser and Radio frequency combined, with the pulsating work, the key of
patented technology can prevent the RF overheating, so that the treatment can
promote the skin to release the collagen cells, stimulate regeneration, and bond
with the surrounding collagen to form a solid support.
2. 650nm laser has stronge penetration ability, thermal effects on the skin and
mucous membranes, and strongly stimulate blood flow, cause dilating the blood
vessels of deeper tissue, improve blood circulation, enhance the vitality of human
cells and promote protein synthesis.
3. Designed for different deep-specific RF frequency [0.8MHz, 1.6MHz, 2.6MHz] for
wrinkle unique performance.
4. Intelligent epidermal skin cold wave system ensure that the RF working area is
not heating but also has a good work on penetrating into the dermis to tighten the
collagen protein and stimulate the proliferation of collagen protein.

Technology Used:Cryolipolysis + RF + Laser
Color:Same as picture showing
Work Heads(2 Pieces):Cool/RF laser fat dissolving handle for body
Cool/RF fat dissolving handle for face
Input Voltage:220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ(According to clients
Input Power <550W
Output frequency:0.8MHz, 2.6MHz
Output wavelength:650nm, 610nm pulse frequency of 0.5 - 10Hz
Output the degree of vacuum:100KPa adjustable
Freezing temperature:10 to 1°C
Ambient temperature range:-40C~ +55°C
Relative humidity range ≤ 93%
Working theory and operation procedures:
The machine takes advantage of cold radio wave with the core technologyof surface
cooling and deep phylogenic to have `cold electricity` Fat dissolving effect.

Operation procedure are as follows:
Firstly make epidermal skin temperature maintained at 1°C by intelligentepidermal
cooling system to avoid skinhurt, and then use radio waves to create the precise
direct transmit of thermal energy to deep skin fat to stimulate the body ions and
rapid movement or vibration of charged colloidal particles and process of wrinkle
removal by heating dermal collagen.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Lipo laser cryo rf skin rf skin tightening face lifting machine
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