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Liquid Expansion Thermostat

Liquid Expansion ThermostatLiquid expansion thermostat supplier
Liquid expansion thermostat also called capillary thermostats, widely used boiler, electric oven, high-power electrical appliances, and so on. When the temperature of the heating element changes, the temperature inside the temperature control part of the material (usually liquid) to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena (volume changes), and the membrane box communicating with the temperature sensing portion is expanded or contracted.
To the principle of leverage, drive switch on off operation, can achieve the purpose of constant temperature.
Liquid expansion thermostat has a manual reset and the auto reset function.

Pressure Type ThermostatPressure Type Thermostat supplier
Pressure-type thermostat through the sealed internal temperature components: temperature wrap and capillaries, the temperature change of the heating element is changed to the change of the space pressure or the volume, by the elastic member and the instantaneous fast mechanism, automatically close the contact to achieve the purpose of automatic control of the temperature.
The main components from the Department of temperature (probe), temperature setting main body, the implementation of open and close the micro switch or automatic damper composed of three parts. Pressure thermostat for refrigeration equipment (such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning, etc.) and heating appliances.
In Ya Xun, to meet the needs of the market, the main products are: GTLH thermostat,
Prodigy mechanical thermostat, Ranco thermostat, S Series Saginomiya thermostat, ROBERTSHAW thermostat, Danfoss Thermostat.

Electronic Digital ThermostatDigital electronic temperature controller
Digital electronic temperature controller (resistive) is the use of resistance temperature method to measure, is a high precision temperature detection controller, can quantify the temperature digital control.
Generally use NTC PTC thermal sensor or thermocouple as a temperature detection element, its principle is: the NTC PTC thermistor or thermocouple designed to the corresponding circuit, NTC PTC thermistor or thermocouple changes with temperature, it will produce the corresponding voltage and current changes, and then through the microcontroller to change the voltage and current to detect, quantify the display, and do the appropriate control. Digital temperature controller with high accuracy, good sensitivity, intuitive, easy to operate and so on.
Liquid Expansion Thermostat
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