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lithium ion battery for power tool

INR18650-1300mAh Li-ion Rechargeable cylindrical battery,power tool
cylindrical battery,lithium ion battery for power tool,high-quality lithium-
ion batteries

1300mAh Li-ion Battery Product Details:
NO. Items Specifications
1 Model INR18650-1300
2 Can Material Ni-Iron
3 Rated Capacity 1300 mAh(0.2C5A)
4 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
5 Max. Charge Voltage 4.2 V
6 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.75V
7 Max. Charge Current 1 C5A
8 Max. Continuous Discharge Current 15 C5A
9 Max. Pulse Discharge Current 30A (2s pulse  )
10 Max. Diameter(include PVC) ≤18.30 mm
11 Max. Height (include PVC) ≤65.30mm
12 Weight (Approx.) 41.0g
13 Impedance (Max. at 1000Hz、charged status) ≤ 18 mΩ
14 Charge Method (CC/CV) Standard 0.5 C5A×3hrs
Quick 1 C5A×2.5hrs.
15 Operating Temperature Charge 0℃~45℃ 32oF~113oF
Discharge -10℃~60℃ -4oF~140oF
Storage -20℃~45℃ -4oF~113oF

Without special instructions, the following tests should be done under the
condition of : temperature(23℃±3℃), atmospheric pressure (86KPa~106KPa),
relative humidity (45%~85%), and the tests should be done within two weeks
after receiving the products.

the definitions of some nomenclatures of this specification
standard Charge: Charge with current 0.2C5A to limit charge voltage under the
condition of23℃±3℃
surrounding temperature,then change to charge with constant voltage till the
current less than or equal to0.02C5A.

Electrical Characteristic of e-bike cylindrical power lithium-ion batteries

NO. Item Standard Test Method
1 Discharge rate capabilities A)1 C5A ≥100% B)10 C5A ≥95% C)15
C5A ≥90% Standard charged under the condition of normal atmospheric
pressure and the environmental temperature of 23℃±3℃ and45%~85%RH, then
rest for 30mins and discharge at1C5A、5 C5A、10 C5A to the discharge cut-off
voltage respectively. Charge/discharge cycle can be conducted for 3times
before meeting the Standards(the same below)
2 capacity retention and recovery Residualcapacity≥94%
Recoverablecapacity≥*98% Standard charged under the condition of normal
atmospheric pressure and the environmental temperature of 23℃±3℃, Stored
for 28 days, then discharge at 0.2 C5A to 2.75Vmeasuring residual capacity;
Then standard charge/discharge measure recoverable capacity.
3 Low Temperature Performance discharge capacity≥85% rated
capacityno distortion and no rupture The cell shall be charged in
accordance with the standard charge. Then stored in the temperature of -10℃
±1℃ for4h, Discharge at the constant current of 0.2C5A down to the end-of-
discharge voltage 2.75V.
4 Cycle Life ≥300cycles Charge: The cell shall be charged in
accordance with RapidCharge condition. rest for 10mins.Discharge: 10C5A
discharge to 2.75V, one cycle is finished, then rest for 30mins. Then repeat
above steps, when capacity is less than 80% of initial capacity, the battery
life is over.

Safety Characteristic for 18650 power tool lithium ion battery
NO. Item Standard Test Method
1 Overcharge No fire、No explosion After standard charge, rest
for 10mins; then charge at constant current of 3C5A to 10V.(or charge at 3C5A
for 90mins). 
2 Forced discharge No fire、No explosion The battery to be
discharged with standard discharging condition, Inverse charge current =1C5A;
time: ≥  90mins 
3 Short Circuit test No fire、 No explosion The battery to be
fully charged with standard charging condition, and short the positive and
negative terminals 
       with wire resistance  ≤50mΩ.Tests are to be conducted at 23℃
±3℃  and at 55℃ ±5℃, keep 24h or case temperature decline to 20% of the
max temperature ,test is over. 
4 Crush test No fire、No explosion A battery is crushed between
two flat surfaces. The applied force is 13 kN±1kN by hydrocylinder, Once the
maximum pressure has been obtained or voltage decrease to 1/3 of nominal
voltage sharply, then release pressure. 
5 Shock test No fire、No explosion The full charged battery is
fixed on shock table, to force a certain shock to three mutual vertical
direction, in initial 3ms, the min. average acceleration is 75gn,the peak
acceleration is between 125gn and 175gn.
6 Heating test 
       (130°C) No fire、No explosion The cells are fully charged
with standard charging condition, and put into incubator with nature air or
cycled air convected, heat battery by velocity of 5°C ±2°C/min to
130°C±2°C,and maintain for 10mins. 
    7 Temperature 
 Cycling Test no leakage, no fire, no explosion The fully charged
batteries are placed in a test chamber and subjected to the following cycles:
a) Raising the temperature to 75°C ±2°C within 30 minutes and maintaining
this temperature for 6 hours. b) Reducing the temperature to minus 40°C
±2°C within 30 minutes and maintaining this temperature for 6 hours. c)
Repeating the sequence for a further 9 cycles. d) After the 10th cycle,
storing the batteries for 24 hours prior to examination.

The company founded in 2014, focus on producing cylindrical power lithium-ion
batteries. The company supply Electric vehicle cylindrical lithium battery,
which include 1500mAh, 1300mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2500mAh, 2600mAh Li-ion
battery and 3000mAh Li-ion battery. All adopt the most advanced extrusion
coating production technology and yearly production reaches to 250 million Ah
power type 18650 High security lithium ion battery. Our products have high
quality and competitive prices.
If you want to learn more about the High security lithium ion battery, please
visit here.

Minimum Order: 2000 pieces

lithium ion battery for power tool
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