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Methandienone (Dianabol) powder for sale/

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Product Name: Methandienone (Dianabol)
Synonyms: 1,2-Dehydro-17-methyltestosterone;17-alpha-methyl- , 17-beta-hydroxy-
1,4-androstadien-3-one;17alpha , -methyl-17beta-hydroxyandrosta-1,4-dien-3-
one; , 17alpha-Methyl-1-dehydrotestosterone;17beta-Hydrox , y-17alpha-
methylandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one;17-bet , a-hydroxy-17-alpha-methyl-androsta-4-
dien-3-on , e;17-beta-Hydroxy-17-alpha-methylandrostra-1,4-die , n-3-one;17-beta-
hydroxy-17-methyl-androsta-4-d , ien-3-one
CAS: 72-63-9
MF: C20H28O2
MW: 300.43512
EINECS: 200-787-2
Appearance :white crystalline powder
Categories: Biochemistry; Hydroxyketosteroids; Steroids
mp 165-166 °C
storage temp. 2-8°C
Assay: 99% min.
Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin.
Packing: 100g /foil bag
Delivery: Express delivery.
Supply or sell:
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Progesterone(CAS:57-38-0) powder for sale
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Altrenogest(CAS:850-52-2) powder for sale
Allylestrenol(CAS:432-60-3) powder for sale
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Minimum Order: 10 grams

Methandienone (Dianabol) powder for sale/
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