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unkye Military/Space grade Micro-D sealed/ hermetic connectors are based on the
highly reliable twist pin contact technology with a rectangular package for
best performance. Environmentally sealed connectors are an ideal interconnect
solution for heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications.

Sunkey R04J Series Solder Cup Glass-Sintered Sealed Connector+

Hermetic connectors which need sealed panel mount connector/sealed crimp
connectors/hermetically sealed electrical connectorsare used in applications
where an enclosure needs to be isolated from the outside environment. Panel
feed-through is the main application for this type of connector. In the vast
majority of applications, the use of a hermetic encapsulant offers sufficient
levels of hermeticity at a reasonable price. Only extreme environments require
glass-to-metal sealing.

Furthermore, Sunkye' fully tests its hermetic Micro-D solutions to provide
reliability and satisfaction to its customers. Helium leak rate is the most
common and most reliable method to quantify a small leak. Based on its
expertise, Sunkye' can also design tailor-made connectors to fit your
application needs.

By mounting the flange to the panel, all Sunkye' hermetic Micro-D connectors
can be used to maintain low or high pressure vacuum seals. They are fully
compatible with standard Micro-D connectors. A wide range of products is
already available however custom interconnect solutions can be designed for
specific panel cut-outs and thicknesses. 
Contact Pitch * 0.050˝ (1.27 mm)
- STANDARD    -55°C / +150°C
- HIGH TEMP    -55°C / +200°C
Vibration * 10Hz-2000Hz, 196m/s2
Air Leakage Rate * 1*10-3Pa.cm3/s

Contact arrangements,
Metal shell: 9, 15, 21,25,31,37,51,66,74, 100 contacts
Plastic shell: 9, 15, 21,25,31,37, 51 contacts

Series * Micro D Connector
Terminal Mounting * Solder Cup mounting

High performance hermetic metal connector and PTFE wire with male Twist Pin or
female connector.
Socket * Female contact, fitted to socket connector (also known as socket).
Insulator* 20% GFPPS (20% glass filled polyphenylene sulfide)
Insert * Moulded insulation housing, separating each connection.
Interfacial Seal * Fitted to socket connector only
Shell *Connector metal body plated gold.
Thickness of Gold plating * ≥1.27micron
Jackscrew *High or low profile, hexagonal socket or slotted head.
Jackpot* Mates with jackscrew.
LCP * Liquid Crystal Polymer.
Potting * Epoxy compound used as an encapsulant.

Standard connector * Manufactured to the standard dimensions and
Special connector * A standard connector modified to meet specific
Custom made connector * Designed to meet specific customer requirements.
Hermetic feed through connectors * Micro-D hermetic feed through is only
available as rear panel mount connectors. Specific jackpots are used to secure
the feed through on the panel.
Sealing Connector * widely Apply for the various industry which requestes for
air leak flow of connector environment. 
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