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Contact: Karina Chen
Company: A&S Circuit Breakers Co.,Ltd.
469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China
Chengdu 610041
Phone: +86-28-65826124
Fax: +86-28-86129221
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Date/Time:  1/3/20 7:30 GMT

MITSUBISHI Circuit Breakers

MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC80-HMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC60-SMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC30-SMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC250-SMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC250-CMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC160-SMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC100-SMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC160-CMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC100-SMX
MITSUBISHI Molded-Case Circuit Breaker NFC100-CMX
MITSUBISHI Miniature Circuit Breaker BH-PS M3
MITSUBISHI Motor-Protection Breaker MB30-SW
MITSUBISHI Motor-Protection Breaker MB30-CS
MITSUBISHI Motor-Protection Breaker MB50-CW
MITSUBISHI Motor-Protection Breaker MB50-SW
MITSUBISHI Motor-Protection Breaker MB100-SW
MITSUBISHI Motor-Protection Breaker MB225-SW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker for CE Marking NV125-CW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker for CE Marking NV125-CW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker for CE Marking NV63-HW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker for CE Marking NV63-SW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker NV800-HEW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker NV630-HEW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker NV800-SEW
MITSUBISHI Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker NV63-SW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF400-SEW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF400-CW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF250-HGWRE
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF250-SGWRE
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF250-HW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF250-HGRT
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF125-HGWRE
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF125-HW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF125-SGWRT
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF125-CW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF125-SW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF63-SW
MITSUBISHI Molded Circuit Breaker NF63-HW

The Types of Breakers We Can Supply:
MCB circuit breaker、Miniature circuit breaker、Air circuit breaker、Electrical
Circuit Breaker、Vacuum Circuit Breaker、Power Circuit Breaker、Moulded Case
Circuit Breaker、Earth leakage Circuit Breaker、Residual Current Circuit
Breaker、High Voltage Circuit Breaker、Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker、Low
Voltage Circuit Breaker、Oil Circuit Breaker、Double Circuit Breaker、GFI
Circuit Breaker、Ground Fault Circuit Breaker、Home Circuit Breaker、Double
pole Circuit Breaker、3 Pole Circuit Breaker、Thermal Circuit Breaker、AC
Circuit Breaker、DC Circuit Breaker、Magnetic Circuit Breaker、Air conditioner
circuit breaker、Marine Circuit Breaker、Auto Circuit Breaker、Automotive
Circuit Breaker、Car Circuit Breaker、Gas Circuit Breaker、Standard Circuit
Breaker、Shunt Circuit Breaker、Transformer Circuit Breaker、Shunt Trip Circuit
Breaker、Air Blast Circuit Breaker、Dryer Circuit Breaker、Thermal Magnetic
Circuit Breaker、Switchgear Circuit Breaker、Electricity Circuit Breaker、Air
Circuit Breaker、High Voltage Air Circuit Breaker、Low Voltage Air Circuit

We Provide World Leading Circuit Breaker Brands As Followings:
ABB Circuit Breaker、AEG Circuit Breaker、ACB Circuit Breaker、Airpax Circuit
Breaker、Areva Circuit Breaker、Chint Circuit Breaker、Cutler-Hamme Circuit
Breaker、DELIXI Circuit Breaker、Eaton Circuit Breaker、FUJI Circuit Breaker、
GE Circuit Breaker、Hager Circuit Breaker、Heinemann Circuit Breaker、HIWAY
Circuit Breaker、Honeywell Circuit Breaker、KACON Circuit Breaker、Klixon
Circuit Breaker、Legrand Circuit Breaker、Merlin Gerin Circuit Breaker、
MITSUBISHI Circuit Breaker、Moeller Circuit Breaker、Murray Circuit Breaker、
Omron Circuit Breaker、PANASONIC Circuit Breaker、QO Circuit Breaker、ROCKWELL
Circuit Breaker、Schneider Circuit Breaker、Siemens Circuit Breaker、Square D
Circuit Breaker、Sylvania Circuit Breaker、Shihlin Circuit Breaker、TECO
Circuit Breaker、Terasaki Circuit Breaker、Westinghouse Circuit Breaker

Kindly browse our web(as-breaker dot com) for more information.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

MITSUBISHI Circuit Breakers
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