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Contact: Jubril Adams
Company: JayBee Solution Limited
34 Rue Francisque Sarcey
Béziers 34500
Phone: 33-699-732563
Fax: 33-176-380117
E-Mail: Send Offer
Date/Time:  12/23/11 18:51 GMT

Monetized/ Discount and PPP Trading of BGs, SBLCs, BDs, CDs, MTNs.

Hello Sir,
JayBee Solution Limited is a private financial consultant with
financial credibility where Individual and Corporate Organization
fulfill their financial services; we are financial consultant
providing financial services to private organization, companies,
government par stators and individual brokers worldwide.

We are specialized in banking such as Bank Guarantees, Standby
Letters of Credit, Bank Drafts, Certificates of Deposit, Medium Term
Notes Etc....

We Monetized/Discount callable and verifiable owned Bank Instruments,
and provide Collateralized Loans non-recourse loan no payback. We
We do proceed via SWIFT MT-760, etc… All instruments most have swift

For Monetizing/Discounting of Bank Instruments listed above client
must deliver the instrument by first sending us a scanned copy of it
and passport copy for us to evaluate. Upon verification we will state
by mutual understand LTV to client, when accepted financial provider
will issue an acceptance contract, in the form of a Memorandum of
Understanding which will require client signatory in approximately 24
to 48 Hours.

Client will then require to proceed the issuance of swift massage by
MT760 to financial provider receiving coordinates on the verbiage of
which we have in readiness to provide.

The whole process will take 10 Banking days, depending on when
financial provider approve investor but payment commence 72 Hours
after swift confirmation.

Discounting price will depend from which bank it’s coming from, and
other variables.

Our minimum: 100 million. No maximum Bank Instrument only in USD or
EUR. After verification etc, you will get your remittance.
We also discount and go into short trade on SWIFT MT103/23, MT998
SBLC and MT799 POF or CD.

Private Placement Program:

Our Private Placement Platforms trade mainly on Bank Instruments
listed BG’s, SBLC’s, BD’s, CD’s, MTN’s client most submit Compliance
Package, which often consists of varying documents, comprised of a
Client Information Sheet (CIS), Color Copy of Client Passport. Scan
Copy of Instrument, Authority to Verify Funds (ATV) or Bank Notes to
be used to satisfy leveraged capital requirements.

Once the Compliance Package is approved, a formal invitation, in the
form of a Memorandum of Understanding or a Trading Contract, will be
issued to Client, which will require signature in approximately 24 to
72 hours. The MOU / Trading contract will often have a set of
instructions Client needs to follow to initiate the Trade. After the
MOU / Trade Contract is signed and returned to the Platform, Client
will then need to perform the tasks Trade Group requires to leverage
the Client's funds for the daily Trading Process.

Those tasks involve the issuance of a particular SWIFT Message such
as MT 760, MT799 etc…. as specify by Trade Group on the verbiage of
which we have in readiness to provide.

Trading then commences shortly thereafter, Client will begin to see
returns in weeks.

From hence further, monthly payments will be divided to Client over
the contractually specified Trading Period, which is most often in
the range of Twelve Months as specifically agreed.

Minimum requirement for invitation consideration is 100 Million. No
maximum only in USD or EUR. We do not participate in any platforms
that require the actual transfer of funds.

Thank you for your usual Co-operation.

JayBee Solution Limited.
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