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Most Efficient Noodle Making Machine

I. Main technical parameters:
Model HT-MTJ260
Rollers 5
Main roll dimensions 140*250
Co-roll 140*250
A rolling 120*250
3 Calender roll 102*250
Rolling thickness ≥0.6---2
Work efficiency 160-200kg/h
Motor Power 3kw
Weight 510kg

II.Main structure and working principle:
By the power, the retarding mechanism, through the sprocket chain unit is
passed to each roll straight cutter section.putting the mixed surface into the
surface bucket, use the conveyor to send main roll forming to wrapper, and
solid, sequential analogy, rolling solid, rolling thin, calendering into the
cutting knife after the panel cut into noodles.
III.Lubrication system:
All kinds of models are formed by the power transmission through the triangle
belt to the deceleration mechanism. The roll and shaft (except the cutter,
conveying shaft, shaft section part) are rolling bearings, bearing assembly has
been injected with grease, use half a year later, maintenance filling
replacement, reducer assembly has add the lubricating oil, an oil change for 1
months (30# oil), open gear, chain, each class to add a lubricating oil,
lubricating oil and please note that the knife and conveying shaft.
IV. Safe use and maintenance:
1.Mechanical installation in the flat hardening of the ground, by a
professional electrician connected to the power and ground, click the start
switch, if the machine is reversed, replacement tool switch thread.
2.Prohibit reverse, check the ministries before starting the fasteners whether
are loose, whether there are exceptions, identify problems in a timely solve.
3.Check whether filled with lubricating oil before starting.
4.Prohibited illegal operations, the operator must wear overalls, wear a work
cap, the studio is prohibited to reach out to the rotating parts, when
mechanical shield off can not start work.
5.Keep empty machine running for 15 minutes before folling flour. the winter
studios keep temperature over 10 degrees, the water temperature is not less
than 5 degrees.
6.Carefully remove the debris in the surface, not the hard debris fall into the
roll, gear cutter.
7.Multiple units can not directly to make noodles, the surface of slag should
be removed after the operation.
V. Technical parameters:
The machine is equipped with mixer and cutting knife. Mixer is divided into
horizontal, vertical two types; cutting knife is divided into six kinds of
1. Mixing flour:the ratio of flour and water is about 100 :25.You could
according to the water content of flour to decide whether more or less. After
adding raw materials to start the power, until the dough into a uniform mixture
of particles can be used (note :the dough had better baking 5-8 minutes).
2. Adjustment: Hand wheel to adjust the gap between the groups of rollers, in
the adjustment process, tighten or relax the hand wheel, sometimes not easy to
adjust, the key is to understand the rules and patiently , unskilled can stop
the machine to adjust.
3. Operation: when adjusting the roller, the calendering roller gap is adjusted
to 0.6mm, the panel is 0.8mm (general noodles), put the mixture dough into the
flour box , press the cutter, and fixed blade board , then you can start
running.when the dough pressed well ,you could along the roll use your hand put
it to the next roll, followed by groups of groups to achieve the required
thickness of noodles.
Note: noodles thickness is associated with efficiency, thick noodles, yield is
high, thin noodles production is low.
Ⅵ. Common faults and exclusion:
Malfunction Reason Method of exclusion
Roll the sticky flour Too much moisture or scraper is loose 1. Adjust the
water ratio
2. Firm scraper bolt
Length of section is not completely The cutting edge of the section is not
parallel to the base plate Adjust the blade parallel to the base plate
Noodles broken The panel has dry flour or the panel pull too tight 1.
After the work is finished, clear the material
2. Adjust the panel so that the elastic appropriate
Panel breakage The gap of the upper set of rollers
is small or the next set of roll gap is too large Adjust the upper set of
rolls or loosen the upper set of rolls to the appropriate position
Panel too long has spare parts Contrary to the above Suitable for adjustment
Panel deviation Radial gap at both ends of roll is not uniform If the panel is
biased to one side, it indicates that the side clearance is large, adjust the
side or loosen the other side
Noodles or panels with ripples Scraper or comb knife angle is too large
Adjust in place, re-tighten
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Most Efficient Noodle Making Machine
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