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Motor Thermal Protector Supplier

Motor Thermal Protector
Motor is a very wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment, work in all walks of life often used. If you do not take protective measures on the motor, it may cause a safety accident, motor-driven electrical hazards in use may present a risk of electric shock and a fire hazard.

What Is The Motor Thermal Protector
Motor thermal protector is a bimetallic superheat protector, is the thermal protection device for the normal operation of the motor. In Ya Xun, to provide a full range of motor thermal protection, such as: DC, single-phase, three-phase, low-voltage motor, high-voltage motor.
There are many reasons for motor overheating, such as running overload, selection is not appropriate, cooling failure, lack of monitoring and necessary maintenance leading to premature aging of insulation.
The motor in the run-time will produce losses, these losses on the one hand to reduce the efficiency of the motor, on the other hand the loss turns into a motor heating, so that the motor winding temperature increases.
The life of the winding insulation material is related to its operating temperature. The temperature is too high, the insulation material will accelerate aging, so that a significant reduction in insulation performance, significantly shorten the life of the motor, even the risk of fire and electric shock hazard. Therefore, the purpose of motor overheating protection, mainly in the design, manufacture, installation and use of motor protection measures, when the motor is operating under certain load and heat dissipation conditions, the temperature of the winding does not exceed the allowable value of the standard.
1> Minimum motor thermal protector (TB02)
Temperature head size: 1, PBT shell 15 * 5.4 * 2.4mm; 2, metal shell: 11.5 * 5 * 2.4mm
Electrical Specifications:
● 2.5A / 250V AC
● 5A / 120 V AC
● 10A / 12V AC
● 5A / 24V AC
Operating temperature: 30 ~ 155 ℃
Accuracy: ± 5, ± 3
Internal resistance: less than 25 mΩ

Overcurrent, overheating double protection motor protector2> current, temperature double protection motor protection (product models are: 6AP, 3MP, 5AP, 2MP, 18AM)
Electrical specifications:
● 30 amps/15 volts DC
● 15 amps/30 volts DC
● 25 amps/250 volts AC
● 35 amps/125 volts AC

Technical Parameters:
● Operating temperature range: 50 ℃ - 180 ℃, according to customer requirements within the scope of any temperature.
● Temperature tolerance: ± 5 ℃, ± 3 ℃
● Select to control the overload current trip range: 1A-35A
● trip time: 3S-8S (special can be customized)

3> 17AM motor thermal protector17AM thermal protector size
17AM series protector is a kind of over-temperature, over-current protection, its small size, large contact capacity, jump action quickly, mainly used in motors, lamps and small appliances overtemperature overcurrent protection.
Electrical Specifications:
20 amps/16 volts DC
10 amps/250 volts DC
20 amps/125 volts DC
Technical Parameters:
Use temperature range: 50 ℃ -180 ℃, according to customer requirements within the scope of any temperature
Temperature tolerance: ± 3 ℃, ± 5 ℃, two kinds of tolerance for customers to choose, usually ± 5 ℃

4> High Power Motor Thermal Protector (TB25, TB50)
TB25 Electrical Specifications:
AC250V / 25A 10,000Cycles
TB25-BB5D Molded Case Size: 22mm × 10mm × 5.0mm
TB25-BB1D iron shell size: 22mm × 9.0mm × 4.0mm

TB50 Electrical Specifications:
AC250V / 50A 10,000Cycles
TB50-BB5D Molded Case Size: 25mm × 10.6mm × 5.2mm
TB50-BB1D iron shell size: 25mm × 12.0mm × 6.2mm

Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Motor Thermal Protector Supplier
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