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We have listed the 10 best baby milk powders in India that work as better
supplement for your newborn kid. #1 is every mother’s favorite.

10. Lactodex: Lactodex is a reputed brand for baby milk powder in India.
Their Lactodex 2 is an amazing follow up formula for infants above 6 months
of age. With high nutrient content, this powder promotes healthy and normal
growth of your infant.

9. Aptamil First: This is one of the most trusted baby milk powder brands
in India. It is enriched with prebiotics, anti oxidants, nucleotides, and 2
LCPs to provide optimum nutrition for infants. It is also a perfect milk
substitute for babies who do not get their share of breastfeed.

8. Enfamil A+: This milk powder contains clinically recommended levels of
DHA and ARA for developing the brain of your newborn child. It also has
dietary fibres like GOS and polydextrose along with whey proteins and
casein. As such, it is an intelligent pick for your baby in his growth age.

7. Nutrilon 1 Standard: This infant formula is a popular milk powder brand
in India. It is a wholesome diet due to its combination of proteins,
minerals, and vitamins. Apart from making bones stronger, it also helps in
brain development of babies.

6. SMA First Infant Formula: It is a specifically designed formula loaded
with all essential nutrients for infants. It is recommended for babies who
are not breastfed or partially been so. It has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
along with whey proteins. With its nutrition and digestive properties, SMA
helps babies gain necessary weight.

5. Dexolac: This Dexolac formula has ingredients to boost immune growth and
brain development in infants. You can start with Dexolac Premium 1 and then
move on to Dexolac 2. It has higher content of lecithin and amino acids to
improve the overall growth of your baby.

4. NAN Pro 1: This is also an excellent instant milk formula from Nestle.
It has blend of immunoproteins, fatty acids, and pre­blend nutrients to
foster better immunity and brain development in newborn babies.

3. Wockhardt Farex 1: For early ages, Farex 1 is also a good choice. This
infant formula is enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
Along with Farex, try to continue mother’s milk as well for overall
development of your child.

2. Cerelac/ Similac Formula Stage 1:With rich content of minerals,
carbohydrates, and proteins, Similac is also a good option. It has Omega 3
fatty acids for brain cell growth along with stronger immune system.

1. Nestle Lactogen: With brand reputation of Nestle, Lactogen is one of the
best baby milk powders in India. This spray dried formula consists of
maltodextrin and essential nutrients along with whey protein. These
nutrients support optimum growth of infants in early months. For kids up to
6 months, Lactogen 1 is recommended by doctors. The follow up formula,
Lactogen 2 and Lactogen 3 are given to kids who older than 6 months of age.

These are 10 most popular baby milk powder brands in India. You can
purchase any of them but only after thorough study of its ingredients and
consultation with your paediatrician.

Did you use formula milk to feed your baby? Which brand did you use? Tell
us about your experience in the comments section below.

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