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P-Hydroxycinnamic Acid

Molecular Weight: 164.16
EINECS: 231-000-0
Purity: ≥99%
Appearance: White or light yellow powder
Density: 1.07
Melting point: 218-221℃
Solubility: Soluble in thermo ether, thermo ethanol, slightly soluble in benzene,
insoluble in petroleum ether, insoluble in water.
1. Medicine
It can be used in the synthesis of rhododendrine, an expectorant new drug.It has
the function of inhibiting cervical cancer.It can also be used to synthesize the
adrenergic drug ethylol.
2. Agriculture
It is used in the pesticide industry to produce plant growth promoters, long-term
fungicides and fresh-keeping preservatives of fruits and vegetables.In addition,
p-hydroxycinnamic acid can also be used as a chemical reagent for the
determination of uranium and hunger.
3. Cosmetics
Hydroxycinnamic acid can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase monophenolase and
diphenylase, resulting in a 50% reduction in the activity of monophenylase and
diphenylase, and inhibiting the production of melanin in cosmetics.
4. Chemical industry
1) it is a very important flavor for hydroxyl cinnamic acid. The permitted use of
spices is mainly used to prepare spices such as fragrant cherries, apricots and
honey.In the daily chemical industry used to prepare soap and cosmetics fragrance.
2) p-hydroxycinnamic acid is also a strong conductive material, which has been
widely studied in the LCD industry in recent years.The photosensitive p-
hydroxypolyimide was synthesized by the graft reaction of hydroxypolyimide and p-
hydroxycinnamic acid.The synthesis of p-hydroxypolyimide as liquid-crystal
oriented layer is used in the liquid crystal display device, which proves that it
has good thermal stability.
Liquid crystal display applications
Nowadays, liquid crystal display (LCD) has replaced the CRT traditional display as
the main display device.However, although the liquid crystal display technology is
increasingly mature, it is still not perfect. The main reasons are that the liquid
crystal orientation layer material, as the key material of liquid display, is
generally of low thermal stability, poor electrical conductivity and weak
photosensitivity.The liquid-oriented layer directly affects the performance and
service life of the LCD. The thermal stability of the material of the liquid-
oriented layer is not good, which can easily cause the black screen of the liquid
display mobile phone and automatically shut down.Computer liquid display screen
black screen, repeated automatic switch;LCD TV screen, automatic platform, and
other failures to shorten the service life of devices.In order to optimize the
performance of liquid display devices, the best solution is to develop a new
material with both good orientation to the liquid crystal and good thermal
stability at the liquid crystal phase transition temperature.Many foreign
authoritative research institutions have made great efforts to explore this, but
they have been searching for years without success.
Based on orientation technology, there are many kinds of polymer materials used in
liquid crystal orientation layer, among which polyimide (PI) is the most commonly
used liquid crystal orientation layer functional material.This is because PI has
such excellent characteristics as high temperature resistance, corrosion
resistance, high hardness, easy film formation and low production cost, which can
well meet the industry's requirements on the characteristics of oriented layer
materials.Since the display is a kind of equipment with high current, high power
and high heat, the thermal stability of the device is crucial, which is exactly
the weakness of PI.
P-Hydroxycinnamic Acid
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